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    Monehhhh !
    Friday, June 24, 2011 5:16 PM
    MONEH (MONEY) !!!

    NOW !!

    YES ! NOW !

    Damn it ! Why the PTPTN haven't get the money into my account ! Aiks..
    wait .. wait .. and wait ..
    I'm gonna dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ~

    Friday, June 10, 2011 1:30 AM
    "原谅别人等于放过自己" (Forgiving is the way to save yourself from hatred) is commonly said. But how many person can really do it when it really comes to them ?

    They ...

    betray ...

    put on slur ...

    taking of advantages ...

    hurt ...

    and many more.

    How much of impact can you take and to what extend you can simply forgive them just by a word "sorry" or even without ?

    I'd personally accept any of it if doesn't go down to my baseline but ends up I'm just another clown or punching bag showing my stupidity . Hence, I upright my stand not to compromise easily but somehow I still merely request just a "sorry" . Do I greedy ? Some said I shouldn't, no matter how they're still friends .
    You know what ?
    You're not me, you know what I feel ? You know what I think ?
    You could never imagine the hard time I've gone through . Please shut up !

    I'll still remain my stand cause felt it nothing wrong, i think.


    Fass & etc
    Saturday, June 4, 2011 1:01 AM
    I don't fucking give a damn you fass. As if you don't appreciate what I've done then it's fine.

    2 times .. I told him 2 times that there are dirt on the table he didn't say thank for remind but said to the other that told him after I told.. Never mind ~ I was then kidding ask why he didn't say to me and he fucking telling me that is face problem.. fine ! I take it easy as a joke too..

    The next day I was helping out something that supposed is his job to be done. I moved pot aside as it's kinda impede the work. Later I told him that I moved it aside and guess what now. He gave me that god damn poker face and didn't give me a respond.. I was wondering how great he is as his job is mostly done by all helpers. I don't say that I help it much but what I had seen is when the helper is helping he was hanging around a did something non-related to his working scope. LMAO What a great person having a suppose-to-have-attitude ? fuck off please.

    Another person that's so pretending.. Trying to be nice when needing help after that showing me ur ignorance face? cheh ! You might be a good person to other me not to be. Get the hell way and die please.

    Sorry for the anger post, I was trying forget it but I couldn't . I need to find way to release !

    Yes to blog or No ?
    Wednesday, June 1, 2011 12:03 AM

    Hah ! Been AGES didn't blog already. It's totally no at all! Even Miss Ho can laugh at me now =(

    Anyway.. Now finally I picked up my mood to have this post done ! Wee !

    p/s: can you feel the happiness? hah !

    It's like free from jail after the freaking torturestressing-exam had gone far from me!

    Let's forget about the sick stuffs. You'll never imagine how my life since after the moment i step out from the exam hall.. Seriously it's sooooooooooo FUN.....but tiring hah !

    I went Ipoh, Pulau Pangkor, Pulau Pinang and Genting Highland in A WEEK and nonstop hanging out with friends =D

    Firstly, went Ipoh for Anna's birthday party as I promised her few months back with Poh Yin . The next day is for the wedding dinner of my cousin at Pulau Pangkor. I slept less then 3 hours that night then dragged to the island already. >< Rest for 2 days then the next stop is Penang Island ! Met Joy =D and Horng there. <3 the chat with Joy and thanks Horng for bringing me to Hard Rock Hotel ! It's the very first time I been there .. Stayed there for 3 days then heading to Genting Highland the next day after back to home less than 12 hours .. OFFICIALLY , I can finally legally enter into the casino ! BUT HELL I lost rm160 there =( eff it ! and ya.. will never forget the moment when playing roller coaster with Tshuan ! HAHAHAHA ! You'll just laugh ur ass off if you're there =P

    AT LAST ! I'm finally homed =D *winks*

    but still I got my activities ! This week will be helping out in the Buddhist Camp .. ( I'm like playing there rather than helping but yea, still help a bit laaaa )

    Okay. End it here. It's kinda miracle that I actually update the blog. Look at the date of the previous post ! XD

    Wang Leehom at One Utama
    Tuesday, August 24, 2010 10:52 PM

    This is the video I recorded with me phone =D Not bad right. Ermm.. You see those girls with balloon and a board with arrow shape right. How I wish I could burst off their balloon. Ish, it blocks views and you know i have to put my hand high to record this still have to avoid those things. And you do you know what the board wrote? "CHOOSE ME" in chinese WTF. Go day dream la. Lol !

    Wang LeeHom.
    Sunday, August 22, 2010 11:38 PM
    Wang LeeHom's showcase at One U ! Omg I was so close to him just now wahahaha ! He came to promote his new album The 18 Martial Arts. The song's so nice =D Too bad he only sings one song just now =(

    Okay, just briefly tell the situation.

    Its CROWDED ! the end of the story.

    Haha, no la. Common sense la. Sure there'll be crowded with people.*people mountain people sea* for those who's banana, it's an chinese literature that means a lot of people. At first I was at the CD Zone. The so called CD zone is so freaking crowded compare to the ticket zone you know. Gosh I hardly can move there. I stay there for 15mins and I can't stand the condition anymore and I move out. I stood on somewhere prohibited standing but that time too many people were standing there so the securities got no idea what to do then they just simply tide a rope to prevent people go further in. Guess what, I was near the fence, someone was push it and a small gap shown. I was like, ermm also push a lil bit already why don't I push more ahahahaha. I'm kinda a crime leader here, after i pushed it and the gap can actually makes me pass through it. Those who know my size should know how FAT am I, LOL. Yeap, at last I passed through the the fence and ran into the crowd. I'm the first one who does this and I looked back, everyone is following my footprint, AHAHA ! I was giving those securities a big mess to settle =D

    Me and Veeiean (she's a big fan of him)

    Chee Eng and Veeiean.

    Can you actually see the end?

    William ! He can easily spotted cause of his new hair colour, lol
    Did actually chat a lil bit with him before going back. He's nice and a real HUGE fan of Leehom.



    Isn't he's cute ?

    This picture was taken when the autograph session. They prohibited people from taking picture while on stage but I did it secretly ! I placed my camera under my album and I snapped it. It's too bad that I was concentrated on snapping this picture and forgot to see his face nicely =(

    And now, Me featuring the Album and the premiums =)

    Walau, don't know how to describe my happiness. xD

    The album with his signature.

    The key that Veeiean wanted from me but I didn't give her =P

    p/s: *你知道我为什么离开你* still in my mind xD

    Another day.
    1:23 AM
    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y

    T o

    M i s s S a n d r a L e e

    Been knew her more than 4 years through Nameless Ragnarok Online,to be short, we called it Nlro. =D I like to chat with her cause the way she talks and respond really makes my day sometime especially when commenting on "Edward's fans", it's still in my brain !(you all will never know) Haha ! Of course not to forget wishing her that everything in her life goes well in the coming days.

    This's she with her METAL-teeth. She used to hide with a smile or some cheap plug camera haha! This is the only one it can clearly see. (Might probably kills by her when she saw this.)

    Ok, today I spent my day with Pokupies and Kae =D. Glade to meet them. Same as Sandra, we know each other through Ragnarok Online. That's fate.

    Watch The Expendable with Poku and had dinner at Sakae Sushi. Thank him so much for sponsoring for the day. Haha. Don't worry I'll treat you back when next meet.

    p/s: I can't stop listening B2st/Beast's song.. Highly recommended their album..