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    Tuesday, June 23, 2009 11:56 PM
    I just came back from watching Transformer II Revenge Of The Fallen .. we(me, shyan and chee eng) as an early bird watched it before it officially shows on cinemas.. xD but wondering ~ why BigCinema broadcast so fast? -.-

    I bought the ticket at this afternoon after school and when i reached the cinema,seats of a screen is nearly full. Luckily there is still another screen broadcast the same movie ..

    When we reached, there were crowded with hell lots of peoples and I think there were really hard to find a parking place for who is coming late.

    Parking place is fully parked ~
    The peoples in the cinema.

    And yea, I spotted some friends there too.. Shi Min, Wai Yang, Kah Mei and so on .

    Ok, Let's back to the main. The movie overall was awesome yet touching. And there were something laughable too.. But the main thing is its actions and the effects is convulsive .. the script is dramatic .. I wouldn't talk so much on the story but let yourself to explore it .. And I highly recomanded this movie to you all ! Its N I C E !!

    Phew~ Luckily I'm staying at my home town because Sandra told me her place's cinema was fully booked until this saturday .. Are they so desperate on it .. even need to sit the front seats and watch it with a bit exhausting ?

    Insomnia ?
    Monday, June 22, 2009 8:57 AM
    Damn ! 1st time, i can't get into sleep and its suffering =.=" Whole night just like wtf ... thinking something useless and wondering how can I go to school in the morning .. At last I decide not to go ! Yeah ! that's why i am now blogging here ! ... And yea ! there is lots of mosquitoes disturb me to get into sleep ... and I will not let them go ! after i wake up from my bed ~ I started to kill them ! i spray the aerosol whole the room ... finally ! there is no more now .. all of them die on floor and full with my blood, it's really FAT --" ! omg ! My hobby = kill mosquito .. Lol

    Here is the conversation with my parents this morning:
    mum: You all(me and my siblings) like "du jiak gao kun"(translate directly:pig eat dog sleep) never tidying ur own bed ! And ur dad too !
    dad: What's wife used to?

    xD ..

    Anyway.. stop now.. got no mood to continue .. ahah !

    Abandon ?
    Sunday, June 14, 2009 9:47 PM
    Abandon ? Yea I did abandoned my blog for one week + , so today got to clean the spiderwebs around !

    So just talk about these few days ..

    Guat Yim has finally born her baby safely, it is a girl and we ( shyan and me ) did visited her on Wednesday .. Of course we did not went there with nothing , we shared to buy a hamper for the baby at The Store .. A little hamper with a cute purple cloth set and some accessories .. So we did chat a lot in her room .. and played with her baby .. She named her baby as 巧儿 (Qiao Er) and she got the same surname (黄) with me ..it sounds like some name in fairy tale? ahaha .. Time pass so unconsciously and it passed with jokes and happiness .. We had been there for around 4 hours and its 7.15pm when we leave .. Today is the day which the baby born 1 month since she gave birth .. so as Chinese tradition , she took something to me .. its KFC .. xD

    Err ... then Saturday morning .. Shyan fetch me from my house and head to Utar Kampar .. what we gonna do ? We are going to class !! Lol , its just for fun .. cause we are going to fetch Sue back from there .. instead of just go there and fetch her back , we decided to go in sue class and STUDY ! Lol .. We did not stay at the lecture hall for long time cause Shyan was starving when the class is just started .. What to do? We went to cafeteria there to having our breakfast .. Utar have any type of peoples there .. there is a moment while I am waiting for my food .. something passed by me .. (1) A very scared people don't know they are couple's couple ! Lets imagine , Stand in a distance , holding hand and swing ! -.-" (2) Don't know he is childish o what else .. seems super duper happy when he saw his friends until need to walked like a kid ( which is combination of walking and jumping xD ) and hi to his friends .. What a sweat moment ! We did not enter the class anymore and just walking around .. and yea , there is a welcoming concert is holding there .. err the programme is okok lar.. but the worst part is the magician .. his English is so .. suck .. Instead of saying what's your name but he said wash your name -.- , show it to everyone but show it to anyone .. kinda speechless .. and yea .. we didn't finish the show and we went back around 1.30pm ..

    Due to Shyan going somewhere today and she had curfew by her hubby, so can't stay late with us and Sue were sicked ! so we didn't have a very nice gathering but just talking craps in Sue house .. Her puddle is came ! Its so black .. haha .. it look cute and like a doll .. i didn't know that's really a real dog when Sue bring it to me LOL .. and Shyan such a dog freak/dog slave? and keep playing with it .. and Agatha too ..

    Actually this post should be longer .. there are still something more to write .. and photos .. but ! my camera is not here .. so got no mood to write .. haha.. so next time ba IF i remember !

    And ! Kit Yin ! here's the update ! hahaha

    Sunday, June 7, 2009 7:21 PM
    Always said that scar is made by me ! wtf ? didn't drive your fcking car more then an hour then said that is made by me ?!? Who made it still don't know leh ! don't let me drive ma don't want to drive lar .. what so arrogant ?

    Overall for penang trip
    Friday, June 5, 2009 1:24 PM
    As i promised, now i am gonna talk about the trip ..

    At first, i am not going to Penang but Gerik ! Cause of the damn teacher used to talk things due to person .. she told Yen Ping I can go with the bus but just got no hostel .. fine ! i can rent hotel myself.. On the day, she told me another thing .. she said I can't ride the bus too cause they must responsible once you are on the bus ! wtf? is that fun to do such thing?

    I was on fire that time, then i straight call Hongka to go Ipoh along with me ! Yes is Ipoh ! but the plan changed again once we are on the car .. ahaha ! i suggest to go Penang ! Then we heading to Penang without thinking anymore xD .. what our plan is .. IF we can stay in my relative house then we will stay overnight there and IF can't we will back to Kampar and stay overnight there .. so .. at last my relative let us to stay there ! hooray ! Oh ya, before we went there, i used Digi GPRS to find the route to Penang .. u kno how much it cost? it cost me rm10 !! jus for few minute !! damn !! Digi such a shark nowaday ><" Due to financial problem, we decide to go through town road but not highway .. we take around 4 hours to reach there .. we went Queensbay Mall for our lunch at KimGary .. and shop around there.. hongka bought a cloth at Topman .. actually i think to buy a collar tee but.. at last is dint buy it.. now regret d.. and i saw a collar tee that i had tried last time when kl trip .. that red shirt , but it onli left white colour.. haih.. After 2 hours at there .. we felt tired and we went to my relative house to take a rest and having dinner with my relative at night ... they bring us to eat something famous there .. haha.. its so delicious ! We went Gurney Plaza too after dinner.. and we had a movie there .. we watched Terminator Salvation .. its quite nice .. I don't really know the way back .. then just turning around and go back through the road sign .. Penang road is nt so complicated .. so we capable to go anywhere even though we did not know there so well .. thats all for the 1st day..

    2nd day.. we had dim sam in the morning and we went Kek Lok Shi ... the weather is so damn freaking hot !! we did not stay more then an hour there .. cause can't bare with the weather without air cond ! Leave Kek Lok Shi and heading to Prangin Mall Komtar .. there got nothing to shop for us .. cause all the cloth there is quite L-a-L-a .. so we didn't stay there long and we went back after that .. we took 6 hours to reach our home - -" normally ppl will nt take more than 4 hours.. but we did it .. swtnya ! anyway.. its quite a nice trip and quite costly too ahahah ! hope to go there again ! ^^

    Did not take so much of pic during this trip.. just a few of it ..

    Feeding tortoise at Kek Lok Shi ..

    The tortoise


    My sweat tell you about the weather !

    The stair along the way to Kek Lok Shi

    This is the shirt i wanted to buy !


    Bully case !

    Penang !
    Wednesday, June 3, 2009 11:06 PM
    Yesh ! i went penang with hongka yesterday by my own car xDD.. lol

    err, i was tired now so.. i'll post another post in more detail !

    good night ! ^^