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    Wang Leehom at One Utama
    Tuesday, August 24, 2010 10:52 PM

    This is the video I recorded with me phone =D Not bad right. Ermm.. You see those girls with balloon and a board with arrow shape right. How I wish I could burst off their balloon. Ish, it blocks views and you know i have to put my hand high to record this still have to avoid those things. And you do you know what the board wrote? "CHOOSE ME" in chinese WTF. Go day dream la. Lol !

    Wang LeeHom.
    Sunday, August 22, 2010 11:38 PM
    Wang LeeHom's showcase at One U ! Omg I was so close to him just now wahahaha ! He came to promote his new album The 18 Martial Arts. The song's so nice =D Too bad he only sings one song just now =(

    Okay, just briefly tell the situation.

    Its CROWDED ! the end of the story.

    Haha, no la. Common sense la. Sure there'll be crowded with people.*people mountain people sea* for those who's banana, it's an chinese literature that means a lot of people. At first I was at the CD Zone. The so called CD zone is so freaking crowded compare to the ticket zone you know. Gosh I hardly can move there. I stay there for 15mins and I can't stand the condition anymore and I move out. I stood on somewhere prohibited standing but that time too many people were standing there so the securities got no idea what to do then they just simply tide a rope to prevent people go further in. Guess what, I was near the fence, someone was push it and a small gap shown. I was like, ermm also push a lil bit already why don't I push more ahahahaha. I'm kinda a crime leader here, after i pushed it and the gap can actually makes me pass through it. Those who know my size should know how FAT am I, LOL. Yeap, at last I passed through the the fence and ran into the crowd. I'm the first one who does this and I looked back, everyone is following my footprint, AHAHA ! I was giving those securities a big mess to settle =D

    Me and Veeiean (she's a big fan of him)

    Chee Eng and Veeiean.

    Can you actually see the end?

    William ! He can easily spotted cause of his new hair colour, lol
    Did actually chat a lil bit with him before going back. He's nice and a real HUGE fan of Leehom.



    Isn't he's cute ?

    This picture was taken when the autograph session. They prohibited people from taking picture while on stage but I did it secretly ! I placed my camera under my album and I snapped it. It's too bad that I was concentrated on snapping this picture and forgot to see his face nicely =(

    And now, Me featuring the Album and the premiums =)

    Walau, don't know how to describe my happiness. xD

    The album with his signature.

    The key that Veeiean wanted from me but I didn't give her =P

    p/s: *你知道我为什么离开你* still in my mind xD

    Another day.
    1:23 AM
    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y

    T o

    M i s s S a n d r a L e e

    Been knew her more than 4 years through Nameless Ragnarok Online,to be short, we called it Nlro. =D I like to chat with her cause the way she talks and respond really makes my day sometime especially when commenting on "Edward's fans", it's still in my brain !(you all will never know) Haha ! Of course not to forget wishing her that everything in her life goes well in the coming days.

    This's she with her METAL-teeth. She used to hide with a smile or some cheap plug camera haha! This is the only one it can clearly see. (Might probably kills by her when she saw this.)

    Ok, today I spent my day with Pokupies and Kae =D. Glade to meet them. Same as Sandra, we know each other through Ragnarok Online. That's fate.

    Watch The Expendable with Poku and had dinner at Sakae Sushi. Thank him so much for sponsoring for the day. Haha. Don't worry I'll treat you back when next meet.

    p/s: I can't stop listening B2st/Beast's song.. Highly recommended their album..

    Emo post
    Friday, August 20, 2010 11:45 PM
    * this post's emo get yourself well prepared before reading*

    Same as usual, I'll head to Selangor at weekend for my saturday class. Today's the not-so-good one compared to passed few weeks. Cause there's nobody accompany me at the afternoon. Everyone's fully booked with exams, boyfriend, birthday party and so on -___- So I spent my time with a cup of not-so-nice starbucks drinks . (*start to whine* See ! No people accompany still the drink want treating me this way. Okay, fine.)

    After that i headed to Cyberjaya having dinner with hongka and his friends. God ! your touch & go don't have credit please go another queue please(there's a driver did that,oh ~ that's why so many traffic jam in KL *facepalm*) . And at last, hongka set me up with an exy yet not-so-nice dinner. It costs me RM29 for the duutttt*. Walau eh! It's a steamboat that you can eat as much as you can but the foods served are one word, S - U - C - K. It's even worse than Teluk Intan's. You know what? The Tom Yam soup is almost the same colour with the chicken soup's, never mind ! But the taste of it is just like a sour soup, ewww.. Ice cream is those super cheap one. At the end of the dinner I told hongka that I could get a better meal with these money><"

    It isn't that bad for the day. At least have something grateful which is get to know hongka's house mate. They're quite nice and we did have some jokes and fun when eating. Basically, everything is fine except the awful meal. Nevertheless, here's the pictures.

    See ! No different right ?

    Sheryl and Catherine

    The couple, cat and V. (reminds you of veemon? XD)

    Hongka and Sheryl

    me and hongka.

    Me,Sheryl (My photo capturing skill makes her hand looks bigger, so she's tryin' to hide her hand here =P)

    Thursday, August 19, 2010 11:50 PM
    ad a nice day at Pangkor Island today. My parents are free today so decided going Pangkor Island to have one day trip there, with my brother, his gf, niece and nephew. =D

    Not really visit a lot of places but do went somewhere I never been. Quite fun. Saw some HUGE fishes and tortoises, really huge.
    Me and my lovely mom all the time. (Of course sometime may say not, kid what? Sure will lau kai a bit.. i'm saying myself kid lol, no wrong right?)

    The naughty one.

    Both of them, seem have funs =D


    1:23 AM
    It's been ages I didn't update my blog. Yes, about 4 to 5 months.

    There're a lots of changes in between, on me and surrounding.

    First of all, I didn't take architecture at last due to some problems i faced and now I'm at Brickfields Asia College having my UK Law degree. Never heard of my college? Google it.
    It's a quite nice course for me. Contents're interesting but the english language in used is so deep, deeper then the sea (being exaggerate, LOL). So now a dictionary is my good companion to study all the time,no doubt.
    Last week, i had my new timetable for the following classes. You know what? I even have classes on Saturday !!!! What a sad case. When friday's coming you'll feel exited that you'll have 2 days of holiday to enjoy and have fun but then now I even have class on weekend so when the moment reminds me of the classes is like, orz , /desp . -_____- you got it? CHANGE THE TIME PLEASE !(yelling deep inside my heart.)

    Now it's August. All my friends who have local Uni offer had been there for a month already. Some of them feel good but some of them were suffering cause of the foods they served, entertainment-less environment and so on. Anyway, wish them luck.

    Nevertheless, for those who're having their trial exams, best of the luck =D

    And I've started listening to korean songs because of BEAST/B2ST ! Was addicted to their songs especially "Easy" in their album. Here's it.

    Personal prefer * Dong Woon * Like his voice !
    (try to listen his voice carefully, it's nice*jealous*)

    Omg. I can't believe I'm actually try to learn korean song and they're just around my age. 19, 20, 21.