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    Last dinner? or Birthday?
    Saturday, September 20, 2008 1:17 AM
    Today i same as usual woke up in the morning and driving to school, but today is my last day to stay at that sux school(Horley Methodist,Teluk Intan). Actually its is not toltally suck..The jaga suck, teacher suck n de environment suck but de friend all i knew is never suck and its very very nice and i wont forget them.. At there i got my 1st "daughter" and a "granddaughter"..LoL.. How come? I also can't remember very well.. haha.. they was very funny n playful.. suitable to be me this playful and always sampat people.. haha..Besides that, i got few "sai lou" over already.. like Lip Sheng, Vin Kit, Chun Lin and Chee Beng.. Lip Sheng i knew him for few years already.. I am still remember that when i knew him is when he was standard 6 at san min primary school.. that day i am there to visit my teachers and "chi yam chi sek" there a bit.. haha.. this is our traditional.. How i know him? All thing is under control by faith.. Me be destined to know for this life time.. so start from that time i got different feeling to him.. something lik he is my brother.. that is why i am better with him since last time.. Then still got other junior which is girl who is even sampat then me a lot..LOl..They said me "cute" =__= use this kind of word to discribe me xD.. really so sweat.. they also lik my mei mei d.. I got a family at that school d..hahaha..

    Come back to the dinner, they having steamboat with tom yam soup.. haih.. nowaday my stomach is not well so i can't eat any thing that is sour and spicy.. so miss that favour=_=.. but need take care of my health first.. theng soong is so intimate.. he had cook some soup behind so he cook something for me with the soup.. vry thanks to him.. The whole party onli can discript in one word that is "laugh" .. the party is start up with laughing and also ended up wif laugh... they laugh on my acting when i told my daughter about her mother.. long story again.. then the teoh with full of trick think to take it down as a video.. when taking the video, because of that Jian Yu.. his face! his action! and his mouth make us laugh until can't stop.. n finally we success to take it but its not funny as we thought.. btw its really fun.. next teoh think to take down everyone laugh voice but it ended up with he high themself with another 2 guys.. Oh... time to eat cake ad lor..slur..hahaha..we sing cantonese bday song at first then when they wan to blow the candle i stop it i ask for sing english song again because of ren ai is born in a "english house"..once they wan to blow that time i stop them again..ahaha..but i failed this time cause they said de candle going to finish d.. then is the time to eat the kiwi cake ad lor... we eat it by not cut it into piece.. we eat it straight away by using fork...LOL that is the first time i eat cake by this way.. but its quite fun.. its really a nice day...never laugh lik tis for a long time d..so happy..
    (there is also some small thing that i dint mention here, but who attend to de party would kno wat is happened there^^)

    p/s: I am trying to write this blog with no short form but i failed.. xD paiseh!!

    Thursday, September 18, 2008 11:09 PM
    Oh my god!! Why this world got "physic" , "mathematic" and "chemistry" this kind of nonsense!
    I had already try hardly but still can't slove then question... Damn ! At that time i think that "am i do the wrong decision to study sixth form?" Its even harder than wat i think.. haih.. Just now just chat with my little junior who are still form 4.. He said that he already can't follow the class.. n feels like no mood to study anymore.. I wonder that how if he is study what i am study now.. He will be more suffer then now.. By the way, i had choose this way, i will continue it until the end cause i respect to my own decision.. Jia You, wenglee!!

    Oh ya, next i m gonna to change a new sch already.. Hope it will be better then de suck school i am study now.. all thing gonna be fine! Yesh!

    Friend? What Is Friend mean?
    Tuesday, September 9, 2008 8:38 PM
    Friends will always stay with you? Yes? or No?
    Yes I am always stay with them, but they are not always stay with me.
    I just don't know why, why i can done that to them but they can't do the same thing to me.

    Because of this relation makes me sad for few times ad, but the end i get nothing, and i don't want to bother anymore. No matter wat we said she will always think that "she is innocent, she din't does that, and said she is very cherish about our friendship" Nope she is not!!
    This is not the first time she make us so disappointed, everytime we forgive her we would think will this the last time we quarrel? I think the end of the world we are still the same, continue that stupid idiot thing because what she talk and what she did is totally different!!

    For me,
    I can said i am just a pure driver for her. Why i say so? She will only find me when she need transport. I went out with her new "gang" I need to fetch all of them, then when i din't go she will fetch them by her car. What The Fuck Is This? Don't say that lar 80% is to be a driver enough and 10% maybe she got another driver or that day she are really wan me to go her house leh. And just 10% i ask for her help. I ask for help also not 100% will help 1.

    She said she cherish us, but when i quarrel with her she NEVER, NEVER and NEVER try to recover our friendship! I was totally bline to believe that she is good to me. YES! She knows to cherish, but is not to either me or shyan. You can see she is very cherish when she quarrel with allen? ck? sl? kk? but not to me.
    When she quarrel with them she will find other to help her to recover "their" relation; When quarrel with me just be peace and wait me to do it all.

    She always said she paid so much to maintain our relation i dare to say what the fuck she paid? She paid her fake cry? fake concerned? The one she concerned is nt us is her new "gang". She even want shyan to lie me when she go out with her new gang!

    Innocent? Don't she think what is happening now is did by herself? Always know to blame others but she never think about herself. And she, herself is the one who are disappointing us everytimes!

    Last time i am very proud to tell people she is my Best Friend. But now when i heard people talk about her i will feel shame and i have nothing and no comment about her.

    The End.