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    Sunday, May 31, 2009 1:14 AM
    Walk every steps with care ...

    and think deeply ...

    before you take your move ...

    its right? or wrong?

    Do not do anything that you may regret ...

    One wrong step may drag your life into hell ...

    Every steps you take decide ...

    where you go ..

    what you going to go through ..

    what you are in rest of your life ..

    So ... think and consider before you take any steps and do anything ...

    Teacher's Day Celebration
    Friday, May 29, 2009 6:19 PM
    Yes, as what I had written in my last post, today we celebrated our Teacher's day. The performances by my juniors were awesome! It was nice and funny, especially the drama by 6Sc1. Other than the performances, they also planned a game for the students too. In the end, the teachers played badminton with a few chosen students.

    The teachers also received a huge gift too, which is fighting between students. What I know is that an Indian student started the fight because he was too free/bored. What the heck is this -.- Anyway I think the case has been passed to the police.

    That's all for today ...

    simple . complete

    Teacher's Day
    Thursday, May 28, 2009 1:41 PM
    Tomorrow will be our school teacher's day celebration ... All the lower 6 student take part in all the presentation..

    I saw their rehearsal just now.. its quite messy.. hope tomorrow will be better and have a nice performance..


    stay tune !

    Wednesday, May 27, 2009 1:25 PM
    Lately , there was a flibbertigibbet person ... he/she must be someone important that i wrote a post about it ? HELL NO ! I hope he/she get out of my fucking way and live his fucking life with his/her bunch of fucking friends ... They were so fucking pissed ! Why couldnt they just live their life ? I just dun understand why there is somebody in this earth like him/her possibly exist ...

    He is being so sarcastic and insult about my appearance , im pretty curious about his/her appearance ? Is he/she perfect ? But who knows ? Coz he/she is being a jerk for keep on giving me lots of suggestion but never reveal who the hell he/she is ..So what do u think ? 100% jerk right ? Whatever , i feel so sorry for his/her parents for having such son or daughter that is so childish ... Oh god, save him/her ! Oh maybe god doesnt want to save him/her too ? Poor guy...

    I want to be more polite , so all i can say bout u is You have the face that only your mother likes instead of using you are fucking ugly ! Ewwwwwwwww ~I feel sorry for you

    Last Week
    Sunday, May 24, 2009 11:42 PM
    Yea.. i had cut a noob hair -.-" you can compare it to my picture at left hand side..

    Its 22 of may.. we(me.sue.kk.ck.Jonathan.sl.allen) having steamboat at Poh Loong.. ahaha.. It start to do business on 6.30pm and we are heading there around 6.15pm there to get advantages place(near the counter that will have some special food time to time and also those food located).. They went early and i reach there later.. when i reach there.. they d start to eat d... how efficiency are them..lol..anyway.. i ate quite a lot of things.. and it is quite worth for me at just rm16+ for all the food preserved.. i think i ate ice cream the most.. ice cream with any style.. lol.. err.. fruit ice cream, ice cream with bread, sundae.. and the main thing is.. i used to take a lot of chocolate chips without using with the small(tiny) spoon provided but with my own big spoon.. wahahah.. Its tasty !!! ahaha...

    sengle copyrighted ©

    -.-" allen may kill me when he saw this post..


    Look grand isn't it? lol

    Actually sue just wan to take jonathan .. ahahah

    sl: may i hav a kiss?
    ck: huh ! Doink !
    (its nt real.. just make a story by looking at the picture)


    me and sue..


    starting to crazy d~

    me and kk

    me and allen


    Eng Ping's lil brother.. look like an english man izit?


    sue is too free !

    All of us. =)))

    After.. lol

    That's all for the steamboat on that night.. after that we having a car chasing at those residential area..O.O" (my car and kk's car..) its quite dangerous i think.. but its nice !! ahahah... after some time.. i lost there direction then i gave up and i go to Yocent house to start my another plan..they can't find me too.. and at last i received sue's call and she ask where am i.. i said :" i m at Yocent house d lor.. u stiil playing?" hahah..

    Ok.. what is my next plan on that night..? Its giving a BIG SUPRISE for Hongka's birthday on 23 of May !!
    How we run the plan? lol
    1. call hongka's sister to open door for us quietly
    2. kean woei pretend to call him out yamcha and ask him to fetch..lol
    3.we are hiding inside a room at downstair with a cake ^^..
    4.while he came down.. we ask his mum to ask him to that room..

    YESH ! Its work.. its most my idea.. ahaha.. PRO?(perasannya)

    Can you all wonder what he look like when opened the door and get shock? Its sooooo FUNNY !! ahahah !!!And after that we sang birthday song for him.. "happy brithday to you~ x2 ...STOP !!! the candle finish d!! Fast make a wish and blow it !!" I said. LOL... and we really continue the part we stop just now.. haha.. after that is camwhore and cake eating time !!!

    Before going to Hongka's house.. They really poker maniac !

    The cake(after a cut by hongka)

    Sampat yean ying and bday kia

    me , yean.y acting and a "ghost" behind.. xD

    hey !! they did make my stylish hair messy !! ahahaha.. actually got another one normal 1 but i dono where it go d xD.. mayb deleted or at hongka cam?

    me with the cake (so pressure when taking this picture cause they are staring at me !!)

    All of us(another us).
    me.yongheng.yeanying.taohui.jinyuan.huipoo.wengshen.keanwoei. and the bday kia

    The way the bday guy eating the cake ..

    --" wat an abnormal face !

    we took almost 10 and finally 1 can be use.. but he is nt smiling-.-


    we went to watch a movie .. is that call movie.. i don't know xD.. its kinda.. disgusting and terrible one ~ it called "Jackass" they do all those stupid kind of things and willing to injurd themself to make ppl laugh? .. i don't know too.. lol anyway.. watch it need a lot of energy ~ really ! u ned to laugh.. yeerrrr.. worry for them and also maybe vomit -.- wat a movie..
    Yea.. the time flew as the light speed x.x unconsciously, its already 3am + and we went back out house too ^^..

    Very nice day ~

    Oh ya.. My x school's choir got a champion in daerah region.. they are going to Grik to compete in state region.. i might going and also might nt going too.. its far..petrol costly.. and no place to stay too.. wat to do.. depends on the situation lar..

    Its late now.. going to sleep.. night xDD..

    The Old Songs
    10:39 PM
    Cause there is some error when i reformat my pc .. so i can't use my mic to record new song.. haih.. here is my old songs... download it if you feel want to listen ~

    Mr. Tan Bday
    Saturday, May 23, 2009 3:31 AM

    Wish Your Dream Come True

    Best Forever ~

    Going to ~
    Friday, May 22, 2009 12:17 AM
    I am going to update something ~

    Stay Tune ~

    Exam going to finish later . . its Friday now !!!

    Click the advertisement if you do see any ~ lol thx thx . . . .

    Sleepy . . night ! sweet dream all ~

    Wednesday, May 20, 2009 1:30 AM
    Just finished revision for physic..

    Simply look through the syllabus involved..

    Going to sleep soon..

    [p/s: stress doesn't bring any motive force to me.. but delay all the things to be done]

    Tuesday, May 19, 2009 10:25 PM
    I feel very tired.. i study hard for the subject i confident to.. but..at last the questions were bring me to the hell..

    Is that got meaning to study hard for it - -"

    Haih !

    Tomorrow got to test physic 2 and chemistry paper 1.. I was totally gave up for the chemistry paper.. And I am still not start to study my physic at all..

    Should i give it up too? (big question mark)

    Can anyone answer me?

    Confusing ~

    Lower 6 Orientation
    Friday, May 15, 2009 8:22 PM
    Its been one week that lower 6 enters school since Monday.. The first three days are for them to registration and have some talks on "What is form 6" , "what you all have and have not to do in this one and a half years" this kind of things(bored talks) .. Ok, ... three days passed and the last 2 days is for our Persatuan Tingkatan Enam (PTE) to have some interaction with them, the newbie .. hahas.. Yes ! we did it.. erm we had some games with them.. err those very common game i think so.. oh yea.. the special one is the fashion show .. Let me talk about it.. they need to use those newspaper which is provided to design their costume and have a cat walk after that..Other than that, guy must act as a girl and walk as a girl and girl does the same thing must walk like a man.. i had been force to act lik a girl model to show them as a sample? I was like what the fuck !=.=" damn Tuck Mun ! Put me on the table ! Anyway.. mine is just a small contribute.. but Nala(err not sure is spell like this) .. he became our PTE model and walk a show with a G/F cup breast, Hawaii Dress, Ribbon hair pin and also a paper LV bag(i think so, lol).. he(should i use she?) really kek ban(ultimate) !! OMG All people shout for him(her) .. and I accompany him to walk..that all for Thursday..

    For Friday(today), they learnt sasti's clap , err.. and be our maid to move the tables and cupboard those things.. haha.. and the most important part is.. .. .. being bullied by us !! wakaka ! As a senior, sometime should bully the junior a bit .. teach them LOL !!! We splash water on them before the school going to end.. that's really lots of fun xD..

    Here is some pictures for today.. I will try to get the video and pictures for Thursday to you all but not the part I walk cat walk -.-" I've try my best to delete all those video or pictures about that ><" embarrassing !

    They singing the school anthem.

    Me and Evonne
    Did you see the contrast?
    Boon Keong (i look so -.-)
    Big butt Tuck Mun ! and Mike
    They(hungry ghost) are staring at the food.. saliver going to come out d lol
    The higher u sit the nicer the food? hahas
    The way he eat like a xxx ...
    Keeping their hand phone ~
    No ! dun look at his face but his hand..
    Did you ever see a curry puff with sugar?
    Going to enter their own class.
    After water war ~
    I splash him the most and he ask me to remember xD
    All like water chicken?
    Kit Shyen shoes wet d lurrr....
    Poke him! ask him to splash on the lower 6 but he did throw the water balloon on me -.-
    wet x.x
    Changing cloth? haha.. caught on spot !
    nothing to say about it LOL
    My shoes and my pent is so watery XD

    [p/s: After the water war.. it remind me of the time we played such a game like this at veeiean house.. its millions of fun !!!]