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    Camwhore !
    Tuesday, March 31, 2009 10:44 PM
    Since I bought my camera.. i keep take picture nonstop xD... pro leh xD.. take pic become 1 of my hobby too..(influenced by 2 of my bbf) Today i took lots of pic with my nephew and niece .. They are sooooo.... cute ! Here is it ~



    On My Car...

    Three of Us

    Ham Chim peng?!?!?


    Pretend slept..

    YOU !!!


    Cuteeee xD

    "Jie ! wat u doin"

    Woo .. he act cool =)


    Yea !

    Oh yea ! now is 1st of april ad.. its april fool !!!
    Damn ! Just being fooled by Shiang Lynn T_T !!
    Happy April Fool ~~

    Yay ! I got my own camera ~
    Saturday, March 28, 2009 2:21 AM
    Yay ! i finally got my new camera !! ^^ so happy.. thx my mum...

    Here is it ! ~

    Althought got abit fat.. but its nice for me ^^ i like it..
    back side of it ~

    Once again i wanna to talk Fuck about someone ! Really so sick of him !! I do anything is that any business of you? I go anywhere need to hand up a report for u?!? i got find what friends also need to tell you?!? WTF?!? Why he always got those free time to gossip people .. why don't he use his time to do his own things or do something even more meaningful ?!?! really a fucker ! I usually don't want be rude but they really make me fed up !

    Sorry my readers.. if u feel dun like it then just ignore it..

    Recently . . .
    Wednesday, March 25, 2009 6:24 PM
    Recently, i feel likes myself very weak.. so .. i started to eat a lot and do some workout.. like jogging..

    1st day of jogging
    Shiang Lynn came back last week .. Due to her house got no internet connection, i fetch her to my house to online. I fetch her after i jogging.. and we go buy mc flurry oreo by drive thur..actually i plan to buy choco-top 1 but i saw shiang lynn buy mc flurry.. i also cant bare d--" when reach home, i take my dinner after finish the mc flurry.. extra large rice (abit large) + some soup and drink coconut ... lol.. Suddenly .. recieved shyan sms ask to go out.. hahas.. shiang lynn 's plan spoiled.. we go mc D once again.. and .. i eat again... xD

    2nd day..
    I did the same things... fetch shiang lynn and go mc D but we eat choco-top today ..having a extra big dinner also ^^ today... also got something disturb her plan too.. hahas.. but it jus awhile.. that day is ang gong's birthday.. so my mum ask me to go to temple.. so many peoples there ...after finish we come back and play pet society ! xD wat a boring game but she get addicted..doink ! At night , Char Kuey Tiao as supper !!! OMG..

    Another day..
    I got no jogging .. due to my laziness .. haha today hongka came back..i was beside computer on that day..i went downstair to have my big dinner which is big rice+soup+coconut ! Just finish.. hongka called me.. he say he havent have dinner and ask me along.. ok~ i went out with him after bath .. I also can't imagine wat happen on that day.. i eat once again when going out with hongka !! 1 kuey soup and 1 red bean !!! ... swt !! i got a super big stomach !!..

    Here is some pics i took after jogging...

    Can u see the sweatdrops on my face?!? Like raining after jogging ><"

    Sweatdrops on floor...
    Tired me xD ...

    Reflected by my car window..Going to play yoga in sue house.. ! jus simply play play... nvr try.. so try something new.. hahas..its really tiring !!

    Really hate those peoples talking without using their brain.. and dono talk depend on the situation and people's feelings !.. really damn fucked up with him nowaday.. People in angry mood d still wan try to provoke ! FUCK YOU ! luckily he stop on de right time .. if he keep continue.. i sure shout at him " Can you please SHUT THE FUCK UP? FUCKER" ...
    Affect my mood for de rest of the half day ! damn !

    p/s: Sorry to be rude.. its really not in mood ! ><

    raining outside .....

    moody ....

    Taylor Swift ROX !
    Saturday, March 14, 2009 7:56 AM

    I recently was addicted to Taylor Swift's song ...
    Super nice ...
    Her latest album .. woo nice ! LOL

    Erm <3 Teardrops on My Guitar and also Love Story ! try to hear it if got chance ~

    My Dearest D A D D Y . . .
    Thursday, March 12, 2009 11:45 PM
    This post gonna to talk about my very lovely daddy ^^ ..
    Of cause , he really did a very good job to taking cares of all of our siblings, my mum and maintain the family to be peace and well ..
    He is a very responsible dad to me .. From living at 2 rental room until today got a big bungalow is really not easy for us.. He very hardworking to work since he was still young .. even wake up on 6 early in the morning and end his daily works on 10 at night .. My father not work in office but he did work under the hot sun just to earn money to support our family .. he work as a bamboo basket maker .. I can sure that there is thousands of scar on his body .. Last time, when we are still very poor .. he is just cycle the tricycle to send all those material to workers ... slowly .. we become richer .. onli we got a lorry to sent those things to workers .. Its really hard.. Whole of his life spend to keep this home warm ... I LOVE HIM ~

    He is always the one who can bare all the pain until the last minute one .. but yesterday.. he really can't stand for the pain d.. he looks so sick .. all his joints feel pain and his body like burnt .. so hot .. I am really cannot stand for any bad thing 1.. even just a small business can make me mad for whole day.. while i looking at him i feel stressed , sad and worried ..sad for looking he so suffer but i can't help anything .. worry will he recover , will he relief ? .. Luckily, our town got a very good doctor there.. Dr. Jasbir .. He really is a very experienced doctor .. and he really take care of me too .. thx ^^" My dad now was relief after taking the medicine .. Finally i can take down the stone on my heart ..

    He is SUPERMAN in my heart ..
    I LOVE him deeply from my heart ..
    and also my family even i always show my bad temper to them ..

    wenglee wrote xD

    Monday, March 9, 2009 7:12 PM
    Really wtf ! Why got people know that thing will bring risk but still wan to continue to do it so? Some more got friends support ? What kind of friends is this ? BLIND SUPPORT ! idish ! So speechless to this kind of thing ! Dun even hear what people say and keep stand their own view ! pissed off !

    Wee ~
    12:35 PM
    This post gonna to share some pictures ^^

    Meee and Kok Keat .. say thousand of happy birthday to me even after my birthday .. LOL

    Me and one of besty - Yin shia .. celebrate belated birthday for me and be-earlier birthday for her .. hahahs

    While waiting Shia play that stupid game >..<

    This is the stupid game we play.. i play until half .. i gave up .. its tooo xD .. noob graphic noob design and noob for all the things LOLX~


    Rushing to KIDDIE section !!

    Pain -
    Sunday, March 8, 2009 6:09 PM
    Heart is really pain when hurting someone ..

    I really cannot stand for then feeling which hurt someone who really good to you ..

    Heart really pain ..

    Don't want to hurt anyone !

    Really pain my heart ~

    That's really not my will .. really .. trust me please ..

    p/s: Don't ask who is it.. for me to know for you to find out 0kay?

    My Belated Birthday Wishes ~
    Wednesday, March 4, 2009 7:46 PM
    Just now went to tuition .. received my friends belated birthday wish ~ i will not care its late o not ~ As long as they wished me ^^

    1. Kit Yin - Busy girl ! busy until no time no wish !~ LOL
    2. Jing Jing - "yesterday u birthday izit? happy birthday ya !"
    3. Ah Lam - "Never mind .. come hug hug !! or u wan kiss?" OMG almost terkiss ! = ="
    4. Xin Nie - Happy Belated Birthday !! ^^
    5. See Kiat - *u birthday meh ? happy belated birthday !!"
    6. xxxx xxxx(for private, for her own good) - Internet problem, wish me late .. nvmsss ^^
    ADDITION ~ Kok Keat wished me too ^^ lost his name xD just realize ! Sry oh x.x"


    My Big Big 19th Birthday !!
    1:39 PM
    Yay ! Finally 19 years old d !! .. Good thing is i grew up more d ! But de sad thing is OLD d !!!! - -"
    All said that .. I had recieved lots of wishes from all my lovely friends .. Thx ! I LOVE U ALL ^^

    1. Jonathan -Msn
    2. Shien Yow - Who would like to be the 1st one who greet me.. but failed .. hahas
    3. Shiang Lynn -"Heart young is enough" by her .
    4. Yin Shia - Longest wish ever through msn and msg^^
    5. Yong Yong - With a special video clip ~
    6. Sue Voon - Messaging , planed to buy me a condom - -"
    7. Hooi Shyan - Messaging , asked me where is her present last year .. DOINK !
    8. Puddings aka Alfred - knew my birthday through my blog ! that's my purpose to write blog ! LOL kidding
    9. Ying Jie - wish me through msn and my blog ~
    10. Jin Yuan - Sms .
    11. Pei Syin - Msn
    12. Sandra Lee - Wish me twice ~ stay with me to countdown my birthday on 2/3 ....
    13. Yean Ying - Msn ~
    14. Sea Mei - Msn .. she always call me kid ! and now she said "kiddy old le~ :D" to me ... *speechless.
    15. Alfred (Brunei) - Msn
    16. Woei Jye - Thought he forgotten .. but he remember !
    17. Choy Ping - Same birthday with me .. heheh.. sms her at school !! LOL
    18. Chee Beng - Via Sms
    19. Ying Xin - Sms too ~ She will be the one who want to celebrate my birthday but too far xD
    20. Wei Kein - Facebook ~ Alway facebook nia .. lolx
    21. Sye Jia - little does one think she remember my birthday ^^ so suprising
    22. Ming Qiu - Msn .. "At least i remember" .. hahahs.. that is what she said ..
    23. Pei Yuen - So sorry for not greet her when her birthday.. no next time k?
    24. King Jun - Msn + tuition ~
    25. Chui Lin - Tuition (face to face)
    26. Jowin - Msn + friendster + sms
    27. Bee Yee - Msn .. at last she remember ~ she is busy girl ..
    28. Yong Heng - Msn xD
    29. Wendy - With very short form to greet me.. bd mean birthday xD Going to kill her ! so lazy !
    30. Wei Sheng - also another unexpected friend who wished me .. sms and tuition too xD
    31. Jaradine - Facebookiee
    32. Wai Nam -Facebookieee
    33. Lip Ching - Msn x.x"
    34. Emily - friendster+facebook+msn ^^"
    35. Guo Peng - feel like to peng him when he said "shud i say happy birthday to u?" as Ming Qiu said .. at least he remember ^^ forgive him ..
    36. RO's frens - Steipix from puddings ro ..
    37. Ai Leng - Wish me at school during recess .. thx
    38. Jefferey - Know that through Mike when he wish me ..
    39. Kah Yan - same as Jeff
    40. Mike - With a gentally shake hand to wish me ~ hahahs .. so formal .. thx too
    41. Steven - facebook + school
    42. Soo Fang - a late bday wish from my dear friend who birthday just next day of mine ^^
    43. Chee Yee - knew when Ai Leng wish me.. He bigger than me 2 DAYS =="
    44. Kok Hong - wish me to have another part soon - -
    45. Yen Yen - Facebook ...
    46. Kean Woei - Msn
    47. Hooi Shan - Msn
    48. Jian Hao - Sms ..
    49. Yee Ping - Though she forgot my bithday feel so sad ! but at last she smsed me^^
    50. Adeline - A special 1 .. mms with a gif photo ..
    51. Miki - my very old friend .. know her since standard 1 ^^ by msn and my blog ~
    At night ~ having celebration at P & S with CRAZY clique ~

    We have a Whole Chop Dinner there ... lolx .. all ordered different flavour of Chicken Chop .. lols

    Cake For meeeee xD !!
    Match with no head ! How to light up?!?!
    OMG ! Smile like x.x !

    Cutttt my cakeeee ~~
    Yeah ~~
    Da cake For me ^^

    ALL OF US ~ star ....
    With Su Wen
    My Daughter , See Kuan
    Ah Beh ~
    Ren Aiiiii ....
    After going back ! I WAS WONDERING ?!?!? hahahas!
    Yeeee !! Keep ss-ing ! DOINK !

    Oh ya ! What i get today !
    1st . An AngPow from my dearest mum !
    2nd . Money cost RM xx from my second elder brother !
    3rd . My sister ! not yet claim x.x

    Thx my buddy to celebrate with me ^^

    Finish ?!?!
    NOT YET....
    Coming Soon ~~
    Friday night ... Yin Shia and me ^^
    Saturday night .... sue .kk .ck.chui lin .sl clique~
    WOO HOO ~~

    p/s: something dissapointed me .. my best buddy did not wish on time .. aiks

    Saturday night !
    Sunday, March 1, 2009 9:58 PM
    I was celebrate my father's birthday on to9 which is also Jaraldine's Birthday ~ hahas Happy belated birthday to them here ~ erm .. we went to chi fu at the ...(don't kno how to say - -") .. We meet mr.Wong at there too .. hahas

    After finish all the dishes and birthday cake .. then i rush to meet my old classmate at polywatta ~ walau eh ! that night so hot man ><" At first, we talk about hugo's friend .. Damn ! all his fren RICH until =______________________________________=" u will know how rich is them by how sweat am I ! Doink ! Including that YJ = =" I was very heng with that .. cause he always talk to me he is poor but he is rich like hell.. x.x ..speechless ~ Another heng is when we talk about Jin Yuan Utar's friends ! That fucker damn ass .. i just saw her once and not really know her well then she can gossip me in front of my friend ad ..see ! what the fuck she is? and i was fucking sad with her mother got this kind of daughter .. with a scheming thinking .. Of course ! We also not give people bully until chest still can endure those type ! She will be die soon ~ Thought we from San Min 5Sc3 good to bully? She surely die for us ~ Because we had thought thousands of trick to recompense =P Unconsciously, we had chat for few hours ad and when we went back is around 2 am .. ~

    P/s: So sorry to being rude ... but its really cannot tahan ! damn ! again = ="

    x-School Sports Day
    6:26 PM
    Because of laziness i feel like don't want to write a long post.. so just post those picture i took ~ Enjoy ~

    Wan Yee ~ she is so sweet ~
    OMG ! Caught by wearing couple tee !! shy** For sure we are not couple .. xD
    brother, Lip Sheng -

    Chooi Khuan ~She is ready to run for then championYap Yap ~
    Vin Kit, Brother too .. Small eyeee ~Jowin ~ weee ~Chun Lin, my sai lou .. LOLx

    My brother too .. but .. he a bit weird today = =" Why pangsai in the middle of the grassland ><" lolsss

    That people ter-rape by Lai Yee .. kolian o ~

    Lesbiee in Horley ! o.O"
    Busy Win Vin ~

    Shy shy Chui Lin *winks

    Mr. Chee Beng ! what are u doing ! Dun be so action ...hahas
    Couple ter-spot by us ..

    Hell lots of ppl on that day ><"

    p/s: Sorry for those people i didn't post their pic which is me in that so "sorry" .. so unacceptable = ="