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    My 1st job's 2nd day...
    Thursday, January 24, 2008 3:49 PM
    Pity day..
    =Before work
    As yesterday,after lunch i went ther to working. cause of my motorcycle's oil needle had been broke so i dont kno de oil lvl, when i reach ther my "little sheep" suddently stop by itself, then i onli realize tat de oil are finished.

    =After work
    After finish my work, i wait for de bell ring n rush out from there, then keep trying to start my motor but I failed. It really out of petro. I got to push it to ther nearer petrol station. Lukily it not so far from there. After full my motor it recover to move bak then i go bak n relax at that time.But it juz a start, i feel something flying n shot on my body. Nowonder that is a type of bedbug!! It is damn smelly n there are in gang!!! My cloth full of it. i cant drive faster coz de faster i drive de more pain i get. sigh . They seems lik meteor storm keep shot on me. Damn pain!! When reach home, i found my pen drop ad-.-

    -=motor no petrol
    -=bug attack
    -=pen drop
    + leg pain lik shit!!

    wat a pity day!