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    Woo Hoo~~
    Tuesday, December 2, 2008 11:05 PM
    Wahahahaha.... I am back !!. i m wonder how long i dint touch my blog ad... lolx
    I m too lazy to upload my blog....xD dono why.. i always think to upload..but when i m free n sit in front of pc i will vry lazy to do it...paiseh xD

    Hmm i got too many thing to write leh..but i kno myself so well.. i would not so patient to write all things in one time...ok lar.. jus write de things happened recently...

    Interact Conference.....
    woo hoo... conference..hahaha..this is de first time i join interact conference leh..
    so fun rrrr.. i hope to join nx year..lolx.. but nx year exam r!!!
    but then de first 1 and the half days is abit boring..coz dono each other on tat time...after that feel much more fun ad...n lastly feel lik dowan to go back..

    erm...among de conference i found that got 3 things i really hate...
    tat is de room de hall and de (people)**
    de room...aiks..nt really nice lar.. i m nt really used to stay at de place which i m nt often to stay even hotel..n de bed is nt tat clean so i feel lik so secure xD...
    de hall is freaky hot... no air-cond n need to occupice so many of peoples..>< shit..finally i "curi" back room n sleep for 1 hour on the second day...hahahas
    finally..now i m talking abt de people** who make me fate out!! baka banana!! i m nt scold those who are banana lar..i m jus scolding tat guy... lik vry pro act lik tauke!! n his look make me feels lik wan to punish*poke*cook*burn*kill him!!!!baka lar tis guy!!..during de business challange game..our group's gurl designed a logo for our company but tat guy refuse to bring it up stair..that nvm...he throw it on floor leh!! Fark lar..tis noncence ppl c him 1 time poke him 1 time..n dun think of rape him.. rape him later yo reproductive system will be spoil and comes out alot of nana-s*..xD

    anyway tat is de worst part...de fun part is i knew alot of fren there ^^ got lenglui got lengzai..
    so fun..lol...n my group GDL is so nice i lik her vry much(dun think too much) And i cant forget de dance which make me dowan to go back hahaha...i lik to move it move it~~wooo hoool~~
    Oh ya..some more the moo moo game... althought i dono wat tat cue to count to cow... but its fun too xD
    ok lar.. its late now...hahahasss
    i continue it tml..
    hope that i got that mood to write it again...