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    Saturday, December 5, 2009 11:23 PM
    Now my house are so .. quiet >< aiks .. There's only the sound of the song I'm playing in the house. GOD !

    And I'm so freaking bored !!! HELP !!!


    I got nothing to do with the pc now. wtf? Learn to make flash website is the only thing in my mind now. But how? I haven't finish my exam still. Aiks.

    Yet, I'm still thinking.
    What I'm going to study later on? Science or Art?
    What job to work? At KL or Teluk Intan? If KL, where to stay? Haih ! ( any idea? )
    Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~ I'm getting mad !!

    Night. lol. nothing much to write today.

    No Title.
    Friday, December 4, 2009 11:58 PM

    Here's some pics bout the Ipoh trip I've mentioned last post.

    The cute one ! Lol ! This was the most steady pic of him I ever took.

    XD. no comment.

    Marcus . Me

    Vampire-ish Kenny. Look at his dark eyes circle. He sleep at 10 before the day we go there. -.-

    I got speechless on these cloths. How possible they wear it on? -.- No idea.

    Yea, including this cloth. Lol !

    Mee, Ss while waiting. =)

    Oh ya, I've long time never blog already. Hence, I don't know if there is some changes of my friends' blog address please leave me your new link and also for those I haven't add it on, tell me too.

    Today got nothing much to talk about it. Same as usual. Just help Evelyn to burn CD. Btw, she's really unlucky. haha ! Cause while the CD is burning, the electric current jump suddenly. Lol ! Wasted a CD again.
    A very nice table =).

    Weee ~
    12:51 AM

    Omg ! I've leave my little bloggie alone and don't update it since 2 months ago.. Unbelievable !
    Its really many things happened in this 2 months. There are goods and bads.
    I did something
    -so on.

    So I shall start from where? -.- I really don't know..

    Well, just let me briefly talk about what had happened these two days.

    Yesterday I had drive my lala-ish car ( cause the exhaust pipe is leaked and it sounds like erm.. bu bu bu bu.. booom !!! ) to Ipoh to have check on my throat and the pain is already haunt me for a whole damn year. Yay ! All of it costs me RM225 -.-" so fucking exy.

    Okay, I went there along with Wei Yang ( buddy) , Kenny ( a kiam pak one) and Marcus ( he's cute, lol ). Well, I'm like a part time baby sitter cause they all are just form 3. AHAH ! I've to repeat something that I had post on my facebook status which is the meal we took on that day was really sucks to the maxxxxx ! First, a very nice soup noodle that full with monosodium glutamate and a weird looking red bean juice ( cause they bland it, its gross ). Next, we went Kenny Roger for some spaghetti. Guess what? The spaghetti sauce taste like Laksa yet only with FEW pieces of chicken meats and tomatoes AND... It costs RM 16! Wtf? I'm willing to pay this IF it's nice but it's really sucks. ><" After that, we had watched New Moon. Sigh, its not as interesting as I thought. Its boring. Yet, I started to hate this movie cause the female lead ( bella ) always choose the male lead (Edward ) which is look "so so" and dumped the nice one (Jacob ). What a sad case man. Aiks! I think she should damp Edward and go for Jacob !! AHA !!

    Btw, I think I'm getting older. Cause I don't really know their taste on choosing cloth. I was like OMFG when Wei Yang buy that cloth. It's so lala-ish. >< readers =")">