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    Night of 26/02/09
    Friday, February 27, 2009 12:30 PM
    Being 8 ( busy body ) on last night , Chee Beng And Kian Sheng is going to do some decoration work for their house for sports day on saturday .. Then i feel like don't want to go for study then I join them to take a look what they are doin ..

    Firstly, i though they are doing those works in school but since i reach the school .. finally know they are nt doing their stuff there ( ghost shadow also no one inside the school except de blackie guard ) And now only i know Kah Mei had move to another house d .. dot .. Some more stay with 李俐仪( Lily .. XD ) , Shi Min and Shal Yin ..

    After I found their house , and reached there just for awhile i was so suprise to saw Lai Yee .. She is in a SPECIAL costume > <" She was sweeping and mopping the floor ~ So hard working (must prise her abit.. lolx ) .. While they doing their stuff and Lai Yee finish do her stuff too .. i played a childish game with her for fun = =" at last ~ I lose ~ - -" After they finish their stuff! Its time to having SUPPER ( my favourite) !! ..hahah .. Where to go ? Mc D again - -" I went there just for the ice-cream but ! Damn it ! Stupid worker with no brain no manners make me a SUPER DUPER SMALL choco-top and refuse to remake for me ! I surely complaint her 99 lat ! F**k her ! .. Here is the picture compared with Chee Beng's ! You all try to compare it ! How big Different is it ! Even have 1 time they make it until like shit .. Not profesional 1 some more go to make !

    The "SPECIAL" look I mean .. lolx .. try to concentrate on her shose .. hahah funny leh ~

    At last we just stay there not over 20 mins then leave d ..As Lai Yee propose ~ WE GO BUY PORK INTESTINE POWDER LOLx ( zhu cheong fan... finally can show off mt translate skill >.<" ) then go back their house and finish it ! Conclusion .. Cheap nice fresh better than Mc D ! =P Went back to our own house after that ~

    Here is some pictures i take when i going to school early in the morning ~

    I like the light ~

    Stupid car block my view ~

    Coming ~
    Thursday, February 26, 2009 12:44 AM
    Oh yeah ! 4 more days to go for my 19th Birthday( 3 of march) .. I was wondering who will remember my birthday... What i really want for this year is "Health" > <' its definitely health ! I need a healthy body to do everything .. Its all about the stupid gastric always come to visit me .. damn it ! Go away from me ploxxxxxx .. Just now went to mc D to take so food after study at PBHP .. Of course ! I am not go alone .. I go there along with Chee Beng and Kian Sheng .. As usual , i will not really order a drink from there .. because it's so so so so expensive lar .. 2.xx for one cup of cola ? I can buy for a bottle d .. I asked for a small cup from counter then pour a bit to my cup to drink ! ahaha ~ Btw ~ i not really like to drink cola too .. its too acidic = = ( since when I so take care of health? ) We meet a couple there too ~ .. The guy is my very old friend since kinder garden ~ haha .. and the girl is Beng and Sheng's friend ( i know her too lar ) .. We just keep laugh on her BIG shining ribbon .. lolx and the topic we chat couldn't run off from the " FAT " word .. lolx

    Kian Sheng is fat .. My friend was fat since chinese new year .. and i asked how to be fat >< ""

    Tomorrow they will having sport on their school .. so i told Kian Sheng .." u can't win by run lar .. but .. u can win by rolling from the start point to the end ... lolx " I am so mean - -"

    p/s :- - was stomachache now ! regret to eat those thing ><" but its too late ..and ! I didn't bring along my hand phone just now !! i don't have a chance to snap a photo .. too bad ...

    Its time to sleep .. Night ~

    Another Day Of Exam ~
    Tuesday, February 24, 2009 1:26 PM
    Honestly, i really can't sleep well on last night = ="
    Sleep on 2am something then wake up on 5.34am ...
    When i wake up.. i need to go to another room which my pc now located to see the time >< cause of my hand phone is out of battery and the charger don't know hide at which hole d ..
    After knew the time i continue to sleep , but my brain keep thinking about mathematics, physics and chemistry ! ... sigh ! very scared of it .. That moment since passed very fast .. feel just like 30mins but its ad 1hour and 30mins ad .. And my father wake me up on 7am ...

    Today i drove another way to my school .. the road pass a grave yard .. while i pass there .. i think "I will rest in peace at there after the test ><" "

    Fainted *

    Today got nothing special .. so got nothing to write ~

    Finally finish the exam d ! Relaxx ~

    First day of Exam ~
    Monday, February 23, 2009 1:31 PM
    I was just came back from school ~ hahah

    Today exam rrr !! wuuu~wuuu~ xD

    Anyway , tell u all something "YAKS" ...

    My form teacher which is a malay men with beard fell to his chest ( abit shorter lar ) , short and de most important thing is UGLY ><" Guess what he doing while we are taking our test? You really can't imagine that is happened ! = =" HE . . . . He . . . . He SS IN CLASS IN FRONT OF US WITH HIS LAUYA PHONE !!!! ( Dun ask me about de model .. even de brand also never heard ) OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG !!! I was totally Gong Ki !!! ( fainted ) swttt
    Finally ! de hard time is passed ! He is really irresponsible ! He can left our class to toilet without asking any teacher to guard us(btw its a good thing for us..gg) ...

    Its only the special thing happened today ~ Oh ya .. my class have a pro guy >< " Absent on exam day and not going to take de test on tomorrow too ( really pro.. pui fuk .. pui fuk.. )

    The end `

    Sigh ~
    Sunday, February 22, 2009 9:11 PM
    11 hours more going to exam ad !

    Luckily tomorrow is the easier part !

    BUT !! Tuesday going to die !

    cause They all know me but i don't know them ~ ><""

    Gotto study after having my dinner !

    Ciao !

    Wahahah ~
    Saturday, February 21, 2009 11:12 PM
    Where is my pimple !! wakakaka ~~ They go home ad !! yesh !

    Now just left some dirty oil things on my face !! yesh !

    Don't ever come back again ya ! LOLx ...

    Here is a song sang by ME ... wakakak ~ i wan to make it as my blog song xD ..

    Scare all my readers run because of my song ! xD ~

    okok Click HERE to download ~

    Give some comment kay ~ haha

    Oh yah !
    8:18 PM
    For de previous post ~ " Alone " .. i suddenly think back what Miss Ying Xin talk to me ...

    Which is " For me to KNOW , For you to FIND out " wakakakaka ~

    The END ~ What a simple post !

    morning ..
    2:21 PM
    This morning I had a breakfast with Ming Qiu, Cassandra and Ming Yang 's sister .. So funny lar Ming Yang's sister .. so action 1 .. talk anything also with action ~ they talk about their experience when having 3 on 3 basketball competition at KLCC .. Lots of fun thing i can feel by what she talk .. hahas ..

    After breakfast they went for tang soo do and I went to The Store to settle something .. something about my salary !!! They gave me LESS SALARY !! That is why i go there .. to ask why my salary so LESS ! Finally I get back more rm15 !! wakakaka ! Total is rmXX(its jus a little bit for those rich guy, but its lots for me) hahaha... At the same time , i go to find that Sampat Queen(Mooi Hooi) too .. So regret to find her ! Because .. once she saw me then ask for money ad ! = =" money for de cake when su wen's brithday ~

    Suddenly ! I saw someone passed in front of me !! Guess ! Who is she ?!?! Miss Yee Ping rr... OMG .. First sentence i talk to her is " you really is autosadism - -" " Why I say so? Because she got holiday not use it to rest but use it for work ! ... speechless ! The reason she gave me is boring to stay at home ><" Doink ! Anyway ~ Choy Ping came this time also .. then we chat about our school life with full of frustrations .. Her college must have full attendance .. She said i will die if i was there .. i replied her " SURE !" xD Its around 2pm ad ! ~ Its time tat Yee Ping finish her work for today .. At first we planned to have an ice cream at Mc D then only send her back .. but at last cancel d ~ cause her dad is coming to fetch her .. that's why canceled ~

    Oh ya ! When i m still at Yee Ping's counter .. i saw an aunt ! thought what? She can be my grandma ad but still wan wear like my sister ><" And that cloth totally show off her big tummy = =" At last she buy that cloth too ... SPEECHLESS .. i was totally SIEN d when saw tat scene ~

    Nothing to do over The Store also .. then i went back to my home and write this post ~ ahaha

    2:23 AM
    Sometime really feel i am alone ! I feel tat i don't really have a xx .. Others xx can talk their secret to each other, keep connection everyday and have tons of things to chat but mine? Perhaps they are .. but i am not .. I am just a better one compared to others .. its far from de defination of xx ..

    Ya ! Definitely ! Absolutely ! What I think is de truth ! Associative recall , i was very childish ! Proudly to mean that to others .. A simple thing, BELIEVE also need to hesitate? .. This meant we got no have a strong enough bond !

    Whatever, don't wanna to think about it ! Anyway, maybe find others in my following life ? ~ Well , i am the sensitive one but i am also the one who very easy to satisfy .. I could vry happy just because of a very small thing and also mad for a small things .. Once they let me to feel that, then it meant !
    Irretraceable ..

    P/s: Please don't ask me what is xx , and i don't think i will answer you too... try to forget it by tonight .. wake up with another mr . wenglee ..

    B O R E D !
    Friday, February 20, 2009 11:28 PM
    Damn ! Now i am in front of pc and i don't know what to do !

    Its so so so so so so so BORED !!

    I want to hang out ! But ... who to find ?

    Hong Ka !!!! No ! He is not here .. he is now at MMU ><" I miss him ! (p/s: I am not gay !)

    Cause he usually hang out with me at night to yam cha and chit charting ~

    Aiks ~ still thinking who to call out ! Ah Florence ! Don't know is she free and available ? = ="

    Call her !


    . . .
    12:00 PM
    Monday, My mum told me "your sister going to come back on Friday , so u better clean her room before she came back ! " I replied " Aiyo ! Why she come back again ! = =" "

    *Sigh* ! Its today ! = = so now i am on da half way to clean da room .. later need to move out this computer from da room also ! haih ~ ..

    Monday going to exam d ! Now a lot of things still blur blur ! All those book like know me but i don't know them ! How !?!? Die for it ?!?!

    Going to continue clean da room ! Bye ~

    Nevrous !
    Wednesday, February 18, 2009 11:15 PM
    Nervous ! Nervous ! Nervous !
    OMG ! Just now i went to my uncle there to study mathematics ! (teach by him)
    That was so OMG ! = = Because of too nervous (he is my uncle leh !) , i keep doing mistake in front of him ! Scary man ! Until he said " how can u be like that " -.-||| My face was totally freeze ! So scared of making mistake in front of him leh .. And what he ask me i also like blur blur 1 ..swtt .. save me ploxxx ! OH , Finally finish !! I faster keep my thing and leave there ~ ahahaha ..

    p/s:Dono why nowaday very easy to feel tired !.. keep wan to sleep onli !

    Monday, February 16, 2009 11:52 PM
    Did i got this ability to handle form 6 course?

    Did i capable to score a good result in STPM ?

    Did i do a wrong decision to study form 6?

    I was ask myself these question quite number of times .. I really can do it?
    I wan to do it but ! My heath ! Always got something problem because of stress ! Gastric , drop hair !
    And all kinds of thing would be happen !

    Got no mood to write again !

    Valentine's Day
    1:04 AM
    Arhmm ~ i been plan to ask a gurl go out for this valentine .. but its too bad .. All ppl is dated ! what de hack ! they so fast hand = = damn ! .. On tat night i really boring until do something crazy - I smsed Hongka " Darling ! We go eat candle dinner lor.. xD" lolss isn't it crazy ? - - ahaha .. Da Valentine's day finally ended up with Hongka and Yocent .. at Yocent house chit chating ~ OMG ~ People valentine's day date gurl but us ! messed up with guy ~ Kesian ! LOL nvm ~ next year ! Date them early .. ahahah ~ Before going out i was msn with my fren - Yuenie , nicole (13 yrs old onli) , Jia Mun ...I tell them nobody wants me ! ahaha ~ actually is i late to date them lar ..

    My mood is nt really good for this month ~ (affected by someone) maybe i was too obsession .. As people said , all thing will be change after leaving sch , i think that's right .. Anyways ~ time to change ! Try to nt so care abt it .. I care people dose nt mean that he/she cares me also ! So, let it be ~

    Smile on my face dose nt mean tat i was happy .. My friends always say that i was always be happy n did not have any worries .. ABSOLUTELY NOT ! I hide all my worries and problem inside my heart and nt to tell peoples ..

    Today .. i sleep for 2 times d = = so now still awake .. wake up on 9am then sleep again on 11.30am until 3pm then 7pm until 10pm - -" I was like OMG ! Why i sleep for so much?!?!?

    I was plan to ban my pc for weekdays d ! If nt i will keep playing and nt to study ! This year its a critical year for me .. so must be much more hardworking ~

    Oh ya ~ Li Vern is going to Sydney , Australia to further study as a architecture tonight ~ Wish her all the best ! Jia You !

    Ok , i gotto do some work d .. nt to write d ..

    Good night , my dearest reader ...

    Su Wen's Birthday ! ~
    Tuesday, February 10, 2009 11:21 PM
    Finally i get to blogging again ! Because of my sister came back from KL for her holiday .. she use to take back her room and there is my computer located .. This time,she move out all my things from her room - - included de computer ! but i still cannot on9 because modem is on her hand ! damn ! Nvm .. Da hard time is passed ~ She went back to KL ad !! hooray ! so now i can blogging again !

    A very happy birthday to su wen ! We celebrate her birthday at Lana Tea House !
    OMG ! There is really cold ! = = i mean de situation ! ... There is no any respond from other customer when we are singing birthday songs !
    If there is PS cafe, sure got some ppl clap hand o what else .. but there so peace = ="
    Da Birthday gurl ! ~ Su Wen .

    You snap me i snap u back ! LOLx
    My daughter .. xD .. See Kuan
    Da camera shy king ! Ah beh ! Finally i get to take his photo !Da look of da cake ! ~After ate by "monster"

    p/s: actually i got alot of thing think to write when i can't touch my pc .. but now i not really can remember what i want to write ad ~ paiseh x.x

    Finally ~
    Saturday, February 7, 2009 1:17 PM
    I finally decided to go to chemistry tuition on Saturday !

    As my you all kno ~ i really vry vry vry vry vry vry hate to tuition on saturday n sunday !

    I ned rest ! BUT i cant do it this year !

    Terpaksa to go this time ! aiks !

    Hope mr.Khoo dun teach so fast ! i CAN'T absorb so fast !

    He teach ppl lik teach rocket ! SO damn fast ! - -

    Now its 1:27 ... 33min more going to tuition d !~ take a nap ..

    Current Face ~ xD

    Yesh !
    Thursday, February 5, 2009 11:37 PM
    Just now ! i 've been used around 1 and a half hours to solve a physic question !

    Finally ! I couldn't get an answer !

    = ="

    Should I cry?

    I'm now thinking who else can save my physic ! other than my uncle !

    Gosh ! Give me someone to save me please !

    Stress for this !

    Stress caused : Gastric , stomachache and hair drops !

    Tuesday, February 3, 2009 10:51 PM
    Where should i start from ?




    really confuse where to start to study !

    Just received a message from my mathematics tuition teacher : Tomorrow paper 1 tuition canceled . Replace on Monday 9 of February 10 am - 12 pm !

    Omg ! = = 2 tuition in one day !

    sigh ! ~

    I don't i can endure until STPM tat time or not ~