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    Blog Reviving .
    Friday, March 26, 2010 1:42 AM
    OMFG! Haha! My blog had been very very dead for four months. Finally here's my mood to revive it ... lol! I always asked Yen Yen to update blog but now I'm even worst then her. xD

    Then now.. err what to talk about?

    Okay. Fyi, my STPM result was really very sucks and I'm going to collage soon to pursue my study. Erm, I'll take Architecture if there's nothing change. Good? It's quite a challenging course. I heard from my cousin ( livern ) that the course is all about models, computer programs, creativity AND no-sleep-tivity !! =___=" Is that challenging? Btw, i think it quite fun cause I don't have to face books all the time. I love arts ! =)) hahas ~

    Weeeewwwiiittt ! XD

    Kay ! Before this I've work for months .. I get to knew some friends from my job and met some bastard too ! lol ! Yea, there are any kinds of human over there. Some are just nice and fun and some you'll just want to place the "body glove" on their pathetic face. They're so irritating and so not considerate yet they'll think that's right what-the-fuck-ever they did. And there's one person that I think his behavior is the worst among. He acts like a dog, talks all the cock and he's too over confident to his own look and the pose whenever taking picture just make me vomit ! ><" Seriously, HE IS UGLY OKAY? I just can't stand him. What to do? I'm working. All I've to do is bear. LOL ! It's still okay for me cause I've experience the greatest joke during my form 6. Yups. You'll just laugh out your lung if I tell you what's happened ! XDD

    Oh ya, have to thank Song Ming for the birthday cake . =) Wei Kein you still owe me a cake ! HAHA ! ( hope he saw this =D )

    Okay ! Stop here. Update next time. Stay tune.

    Happy Birthday, Alan !