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    = = ! All Negative Post !
    Friday, January 23, 2009 12:43 AM
    I really dun lik all things is under CONTROL !!!

    Hair style !

    What time to sleep !

    Go where !!

    Study !!

    Wear what !!

    What the heck also under CONTROL !!!!!

    Why they are so free to do that !!

    Make me feel like in jail ! damn !

    When will they stop this fking stupid idiot nonsense childish things !!

    Everyday repeat de same thing ! fuck lar ~

    i face those study things also make me nearly wan die ad they still come to bother this and that !!!

    I NEED FREEDOM !!!!!!!!

    Sony VAIO !
    Thursday, January 22, 2009 10:17 AM

    F**king bitch Germ !
    9:53 AM
    Damn You ! I m getting sore throat AGAIN !!!

    I eat this this and that to prevent it but it come also ! what de F xD!

    Today i m going to swallow tons of medicine and water as i can !

    Make sure they DIE ALL before chinese new year !

    Ish !


    Promise !
    1:12 AM
    Ng Weng Lee ! Promise yourself ! You must study harder and harder !

    Li Vern is going to University Of Sydney ad but you are still sleeping here !

    You must take more times to study !

    Don't play please ! Its a critical year ! so please behave yourself n concentrate on your study !

    There is no chance for you to play if you not study harder ! And do you want to spend your entire life a this !@#$%^& country ?!? Or You want to work after this year?!? HELL NOOOO !!

    So ! You Must Study Harder and Harder to Telesis !

    You can do it !

    Good Night , wenglee .

    Promised !

    Say goodbye to your dearest enemy, "lazy butt wenglee" ~

    p/s: my fren pls remind me always .. i dowan to hav just brief period of enthusiasm !! thanks ~

    stress !
    Wednesday, January 21, 2009 7:40 PM
    Now only i find out tat i couldn't stand for any little of stress !

    I m so weak !

    Today tat damn stupid Muet teacher give us a lot of homework again ! damn him !

    Give 2 essay in one time ! F**k him bastard ! He is totally not considerate us are going to new year still give us so much of works !

    To be honest i really never do any work except chinese n math work since form 1 to form 5 ! Now i need do all as well ! That is really stressing me . . . And also de PA 2 teacher ! Give us an essay a week ! Damn ! They always say just a little , just a little but they wont think about all teacher do the same things we will die for them ! We got not only their work but also tuition work !

    I am dying for those work d ! This subject say just a bit n need to do assignment ! Why they are so free to think those things to torture us ! STPM also no need do until like that lor ! And those assignment also useless 1 ! Expecially that PA 1 project ! Damn her never heard PA 1 also need to do assignment ... and that is really useless ... she is lazy like hell ! Since school reopen never enter our class more than 5 times ! F**k off !
    P/s: If got de magic i sure make them dissapear !

    Pain !!
    12:55 AM
    Haih ! sien d ~

    My stomach keep bothering me !! damn lar !`

    always pain dono pain wat ! got eat d still nt enuff !! i also dono wat it wan !

    F**k lar !!!

    De stomach really stupid 1 lar !! go dies go diess !! 3 hour + wan me to eat once !

    eat d still nt can totally cure it ! eat lik that it will pain another way ! Arggghhhhhhhhhh~~~~~

    After working my muscle pain also !

    Here pain there pain !!! i wan die ad lar !!

    Who can help me ...


    Damn I really cant stand it d !

    current listen to : 月光(moonlight) - 黃靖倫 Jing Huang
    current mood : Moodless + moody !

    Money ! ! !
    Friday, January 16, 2009 12:49 AM
    Money !! Money !! Money !!
    Argh !! i got no enuff money to use r ... haih !!
    So i gotto work !!
    tis saturday night The Store Teluk Intan will nt going to close and tat is de chance i ern pocket money !! muahahahah
    I m going to work on this saturday n sunday , 2 days .. yay ! Y i m so happy ? bcoz got 2 days job for me on de day i dint hav any tuition !! hurray!!
    But ...
    De main point is ...
    Cos it will still on at mid night ... So There is DOUBLE salary on tat day !!!
    YAY !!!
    Normal price for an hour is rm 3 .. so i can erm rm 6 for an hour on tat day !! so siok !!
    this time! ~ i work at de same department as last time is work there - Shoes Department(Larrie Shoes )
    coz i dont really well to arrange the cloth N ...
    de salary nt as high as de Shoes Department !!! xDD
    Nowadays i m so money eye - -"
    really poor liek hell x.x... sob sob
    Hope my job can finish smoothly w/o any unwanted *thing* happens xD ...

    Good luck to myself ^^"

    its late ! Good night ~

    Derrick Hoh
    Thursday, January 15, 2009 8:53 AM
    OMG ! I so like his song weh ~ ><" so nice sia ... btw his personal also cute sia xD ~
    so jealous ... hahahah !

    Name: Hoh Wei Jian, Derrick
    Chinese Name: 何维健 He Wei Jian
    Date of Birth: 17th September 1985
    Horoscope: Virgo
    Blood Type: A+
    Nationality: Singaporean
    Height: 166
    Weight: 59kg
    Occupation: Recording Artiste under Warner Music (Singapore)
    Schools Attended: Pei Tong Primary School, Jin Tai Primary School, Clementi Town Secondary School, Ngee Ann Polytechnic School of ICT (IT)
    Hobbies: Singing, Listening to music, Swimming, Chill out sessions!
    Favourite Singer: Matchbox Twenty, Sarah McLachlan, The Corrs, Zhang Hui Mei, Rob Thomas
    Favourite Genre: Alternative/Jazz/Adult Contemporary
    Favourite Actor: Brad Pitt
    Favourite Movie: Memento, Pulp Fiction, Se7en, Fight Club, 12 Monkeys
    Favourite Food: Ice Cream, Sushi
    Favourite Place: As long as there’s good food, it’s my favorite place


    怎么会忘得掉 你那可爱的微笑
    我还是忘不掉 爱情让我搞得乱糟糟
    哦忘不掉 我只希望我有一天能够和你一起
    我只要忘得掉 你那美丽的眼睛
    我才能忘得掉 爱情的魔力
    我还是要忘得掉 我不要再一直捉摸而失去你
    我只要你的心知道 你的心才明瞭
    可你现在还是看不到 (No No)
    只是想要问你 你好不好
    让我给你快乐 让你high 你说好不好

    我只要忘得掉 你那美丽的眼睛
    我才能忘得掉 爱情的魔力
    我还是要忘得掉 我不要再一直捉摸而失去你
    我只要你的心知道 你的心才明瞭
    只是想要问你 你好不好
    让我给你快乐 让你high 你说好不好
    和你到老老 这事我能做得到
    不用再烦恼 我是你的依靠
    不要再笑笑 我不是在开玩笑
    你的眼睛别在玩游戏(No No)

    让我给你快乐 让你high 你说好不好
    只是想要问你 你好不好
    让我给你快乐 让你high 你说好不好

    好不好 好不好 好不好

    [p/s] : I wan to learn how to dance !! = =
    So coooool if kno dance n sing tis song ><
    haih ~ dono how to dance weh !! help !!

    Happy Birthday ~ Jowin ^^
    Wednesday, January 14, 2009 1:52 AM
    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y TO J O W I N

    Today is Jowin's big big day ! ! So I joined Horley's Interactor to having a lunch a Mc D to celebrate his birthday ~ i went there and eat mc Flurry again ~ LOLx but this time feel nt vry nice ad.. mayb eat sien liao .. lolsss n i take a small cup to drink my fren's cola n refill it when finish as usual ... n i eat "ba wong fun fried" .. hahaha i steal kit yin , ah lam and yap yap 's fun fried to eat ~ wahahaha .. i m wonder how clever m i .. lolss .. kidding lar xD
    when we all finish all de foods , while we prepare wan to sing a for jowin .. there was somethings happened xD .. something crazy = = ~
    They all lik - - , swt ... go de playground inside de Mc D to play .. until those worker stare at them onli they came out ~ so swt man = =

    Wishes for Jowin from all of us ~

    Woo ~ cake ~

    Rubbish we made ~

    A snap with little Jowin .. erm should i say big big ? he is bigger than me sia xD

    Really dono wats wrong with them ... lol

    Jowin terkena "Body Glove "

    Win Vin is there xDDD ~
    Align Centre

    Little Add-On -
    Monday, January 12, 2009 12:18 AM
    By the way , b4 de holidays end up i get to kno a new fren ...
    She is Jaraldine , mc ...
    She is sue's schmate o i should say Umate? lol =D
    This time she visit Teluk Intan ... hahaha ... Sue asked me anything fun thing o anything can play here? i replied her without thinking " here? NOTHING !!" LOL its really nothing here except de stupid leaning tower !!
    Then i said then we go sitiawan-teluk batik lar ... we r action better then talk's 1 ...
    so we go there after our lunch ~ ~
    Although i jus kno her for 1st day ... i knew her would sleep on car after awhile ... LOL
    On da way to there , i really so tired with my fking car - - ... knot running smooth ... make me nearly crazy ad ~ luckily, at last we reach there without ki siao LOL
    After parking ... we cant wait of rush to de sea side but ... at this time sue said she wan go to toilet ... = = ... we put all our wallet , hp on car ad then she said she wan go to toilet ned to bring money ~
    Bo bian ~ we ned to accompany her to take money ~
    Hooorayy~ finally we can go to beach ad !! really regret dint bring cloth along ~ if we bring it ..
    GG liao .. ahaha
    we played with de sea water n keep snap photo sia ~ 1 gang of malay = = siao eh ppl shout wat they suddenly follow - -
    without bother them we continue to play our things ~
    after some times we feel bored also liao ...
    bcoz ther is really ntg xcept da beach but it is better compared to our home town xDDD
    b4 we going back we went mc D n eat sundea cone n choco-top but de worker there really fail lar ~ wat shit they made ? so beh kua(knot see) 1 ~ eat also no mood = =! but finish at last also ~
    At night coz my parents went to wedding dinner , so its ntg to eat in house ... so i join sue's family to hav dinner ... really vry full after tat dinner = = sue's father keep giv me rice n sue said "you can de lar" = =!!! wat to do ... jus finish it lor ~ zha dou ...
    Sue's idea really alot .. she knows tat her dad sure will chit chating with his fren so she ask me to drive there ... plan to leave b4 her parent leave lol ~ this time i fetch jar to long kai ~ let her look around wat teluk intan is ~ hahah ... we go ba wei until vry in ~ at this moment sue sudden said abt her experience tat walk into tat place ... tat was really terrifying = = ... i quickly letf tat place as i can - -

    after tat , sue hav to go with ck them so i stay with jar in her house to chat with horng ... btw we r waiting de food in our stomach to digest abit ~ bcoz i gonna fetch jar to eat pork intestine powder(zhu chang fen) LOL ~ sue really so sat bai = = de most famous food here also dint bring her go to try = = we take away n eat in sue's house ... wat de = = jar knot finish it !!! they ask me to eat it !! and sue said de same thing "i kno u can de lar" sweatttttt really burst liao lar ~~ i eat it until nearly vomit ... swt ... then i gotto go back lor ... its late d ... tats all xDD
    Jaraldine with de zhu chang fen ~
    Famous food of Teluk Intan, zhu chang fen ... wan try it.. come here ... lolxxx

    wat a title LITTLE add-on - - , use de word little but its really vry long = =

    My Holiday ~ ~
    Sunday, January 11, 2009 1:32 PM
    Holiday holiday holiday!! I wan my holiday !!
    So fast.. 1 and half month of holiday was passed xDD ...
    So... my holiday can consider as meaningful ba.. lolx its still ok lor...
    Among this holiday i went KL , Kampar , Ipoh . Penang...
    Hahaha.. Going to trip really is my fav... So happy when having trip..

    Kampar~~ my first destination
    This time i went there along with Jowin , Ah Long and Yin Shia .. Ofcoz is me drive la... lols
    I go there sure find my 5Sc3 Gang lar ... Crazy gang xD... o.O
    Go there find them yam cha...hahaha
    btw i go ther is to celebrate my best fren - sue 's bday ...
    I plan to giv her a suprise but i failed - -
    Jonathan Spoiled My Plan !!!! He told her i will go ther to celebrate her bday !!! OMG
    At last she dint feel any suprise ... this year .. i bought her a dozen of Big apple donut ..
    wakakaka ... she is on diet .. but i force her to eat it..muahahaha(so evil leh me xDD)
    Suee and me ^^
    random pic of me by sue ~
    On da way to finish it ~
    Finish ~ ~ ~

    After celebrate her bday ...
    we went Ipoh again on da next day ~ ~

    Ipoh- -
    I wan go there for shopping!!~
    But, when we reach there onli realize that de Mega Sale is started tml - -""
    after a few min i got an idea !
    i ask them to go LOST WORLD ~ LOL...
    Then we straightly go there without thinking LOLS...
    I nvr go there since 2 years b4 n i nvr drive there xD ~I also dono how dare m i to drive to there without knowing how to go there ... but lastly .. we reach there without missing LOLss ... tat is bcoz i clever lar..hahah kidding..
    then we go park my car then rush to play ad... hooray!!!

    - After -
    after play for around 3 hour we feel tired n hungry ad n plan to go back tat time and the journey end up with Mc D ...

    Oh ya, before we go to de shopping centre we went to San Bao Cave to walk around ... feel so sad to go ther bcoz my grandparent is "stay there" means lik bury but its nt bury xD dono how to say = =

    Monkey me n shia ~

    KL . . .

    i went KL for abt 5 days hahaha ...
    All shopping center there almost giv me walk finish ad liao LOLS xD..
    Tis time i went they by bus along with yin shia but i walk myself n she shop with her relative~Shia n me at Times Square on da 1st day ~

    The aim to go there is to buy my chinese new year's cloth ... n lastly i bought 1 pent and 3 shirt ... really damn regret dint buy tat edwin jeans ... so nice u kno .. so sad man !!
    i go there meet Yen Yen at Midvalley

    Me & Yen Yen at Midvalley
    Me Xuanie Yen YenWhen i trying a jeans inside de fitting room i really dono they took tis photo b4 i saw yen's blog = =" ss Queen ~
    Midvalley ~
    Pavillion ~
    Giodano shirt ~ after 50% off still ned more than 100rm = = , ofcoz i dint buy ~

    I meet Ying Xin at KL and also her's club member .. i joined their meeting ...hahahah
    b4 end up de meeting they got dono wat "guest time"
    they asked me alot of question such as wat relation u and ying xin? wher u come from.. study wat.. n bla bla ... lols
    I like stunned = = jus keep smiling sia ~
    one of de reason is they speak english- - i vry paiseh to talk in eng .. my gramma noob lik shit !!
    After tat we having our dinner too ~
    At a famous mamak at Petaling Jaya called murni.. when i nt reach there yet i think de shop name is called moonie LOLS.. de ppl who go there is really alot ~
    In front of whole roll of shop also is their customers but de shop is onli a small one... terrible ...
    btw de foods there is really nice n special .. yummy ~

    Penang ~

    Walau i wrote so long ad .. nearly no patient to write ad xDD
    nvm last place - -
    This time i went penang is a highly secret LOL ... really ... reason?
    knot tell here ... wakakaka
    main point to go there is to countdown for new year .. yeppie ..
    bcoz of dowan bother de couple veeiean and chee eng i ask horng tat i can stay at his house o nt n lastly he promissed ~
    I meet him at queensbay mall, while waiting he come i surely go to shopping lar..haha erm queensbay mall really ntg to shop = = i finish it within 2 hour although its big = =
    Finally he came .. he nt yet take his lunch bcoz he jus left his work place then rush to meet me ad..then i go having lunch with him .. after tat we go meet sue !! she come along with her utar frens ... louise(nt sure its really spell lik tis) , jar , and kok wah ~
    jus while then we go eat baskin robin n rush to horng's work place ad ~ and he started to work then i go shopping again ~ hahah ~
    i meet adson this time~ LOL
    he came with his fren ... so funny their fren ...
    They ask me to go clubbing but i refuse ... bcoz no money ... sob sob .. and also i stay at horng 's house so dowan so mafan ppl .. at the end i tell him "sukatan ekonomi" LOLx ..with adson ~
    then i continue stay at gurney n countdown with veeiean ~
    sue fail to countdown with us bcos she is lated ~ she is trying to rush to meet us but at last she was late ... nvm we still can watch de firework togather at last..hahaha
    After finish countdown-ing we go to find horng ... he is working near there so we walk to there ~veeiean and horng ~ at coffee island

    the nx day , after eat my breakfast with horng .. then i go gurney plaza to meet veeiean n went back lur ~ xD horng's house is just nice ... lik his house so much ! peace n good design x.x
    feels lik dowan to go back bcoz sch going to reopen n STPM =______________="""Take this b4 going back xD ~~

    My Holidays end ~ ~ ~ ~ ~