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    A Bored Chinese New Year..
    Tuesday, February 12, 2008 2:12 AM
    This year is the bored ever chinese new year i past since i had been born. Really worst then last year when i still studying Form 5. OMG!! I really feel so so so sad n always think abt last year. How fun. How many joys n happy if compare to tis year. I hate tis year chinese new year. That is even worst then that time we r still go out by motocycle o fetch by our family. Since Form 1 our gang sure got planning to go whose house n play wat. All also in order but tis year is different what also dint hav. We r lost. No plan Less fren Less game Less fun. N tis year bad luck ever. Keep lose $$ when gambling. It past vry fast n rush. Unconsciously today is aready the sixth day of chinese new year. Who hav start to study go bak to study, who start to work got o work. Starting to feel cold n cheerless. Even through i bad luck in the begin of new year but i belive it will b past, over, n my good luck will return to me soon!! I think I should hav few new year wish so start this year..haha..