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    A post that I didn't post up.
    Sunday, April 4, 2010 12:15 AM
    Ermm... Back from KL this afternoon. Nothing much. Go to there just to submit my customers form purposely.

    The night before I start my journey, I was filling all the forms for the whole night until nearly 5am MORNING. Yea, its morning. After that I planned to buy breakfast for myself and my family and I finished my meal on 6am. Okay, Its time to sleep. Guess how long I slept? 4hours !! And i need to drive all along from Teluk Intan to KL. Wtf? But then, I still capable to drive there without feeling sleepy. PRO? =) I used 2hours to reach there. When I reached there, the first thing to do is to change the size of my mum's sport shoes that I helped her to buy from 1U last 2 weeks. I've forgot where's the receipt gone and whether I did took it or not but I just being self-confident and walked into the shop like nothing to change the shoes. Some more I answered the cashier CONFIDENTLY that I bought it last week as it's actually already 2 weeks XD. For the sake of the shoes of my mum, I must do it ! HAHAH !

    Well, after that then I rush to office to submit my cases =) ! At first I thought it'll just take me half an hour then I can leave there already butttt ! There're still some addition stuffs to do when submitting cases ><" And at last I took 3 hours to complete everything. While completing, I was waiting for my customer to fax in her daughter's birth certificate as she promised will fax in by 4pm. I tried to call her after 30mins but no one's answer and I know she ffk me again -.-" I left there around 6.20pm and I headed to Subang to find Adeline. Due to she keep changing her phone number, I don't really have the number of hers. So I spent rm1 for the parking to find Jowin for her phone number ! Great !