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    Thursday, August 6, 2009 8:21 AM
    I'm now at kampar as the pig - hongka are still yamcha with Mr.Zhou (sleeping) .. So I take the time to blogging =) ..
    Erm.. the reason that I'm here is because hongka is going to do his photography assignment here by taking picture with a building and a model .. And I'm going to intro a model for him later too ~ hahah
    I've came here last night .. and you all can't imagine what is actually happened last night ..
    At first we had our dinner at a very suck restaurant .. The food is totally out of standard of what price they are charging and..... I don't think other restaurant with lower price will serve their customer with such a "shit" !

    It looks quite big right? No you are wrong look next .

    Nah ! here is it. Calls it a chicken skin instead of a chicken chop! and It costs 9rm ! wtf !

    The we went to West Lake to take scenes with hongka dslr camera...and next to Grand Kampar Hotel .. You all will totally stun with what we did there -__________-"
    Me and Yocent was posing here and there to take picture ... *(speechless) I'll post up the pictures later on.. but... have a nice time there ... Its freaking fun to taking pictures !! AHAHAHAHA

    Suddenly a car stop in front of us and ask us some questions .. bla bla bla ~ And never thought .. The guy inside the car was Ai Leng's brother? (he said lar) LOL .. By the way .. we are stunned when they stop their car and asking us question too =P

    Later on.. we having supper at a mamak stall.. Kean Woei and Tao Hui was calling out with us and we chit-chatting there while having our food ..=P After that GO BACK TO SLEEP XD

    Acting professional ~ fatty jin yuan behind =O

    Me and Yocent =)

    Blogging at school
    Wednesday, August 5, 2009 10:03 AM
    Yeap..as my title..now i'm at school :-) and i'm using my phone to blogging =) phew now only i could have a peace mind to do my own stuffs without those pollutions and annoyings.. *peace^^ i didn't update my lovely bloggie for quite some times cause stpm trial exam is coming in time of less than a month..wtf.. I still not sure that i can pass my exams or not..haih..so now gotto put a bit more afford on it to get a better results.. Hmm..ok..now i shall take my times to study but not to continue crapping here..bye..so forgive me my readers if i'm not able to update my blog..