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    Sick !
    Monday, July 27, 2009 2:56 AM
    OMFG ! I'm sick again ! My stupid throat !

    Argh !!!!

    Who can help me !!!

    I'm gonna die ! ><

    ish !!!

    Tuesday, July 21, 2009 3:34 AM
    I just finish formatting my computer .. its 3.35 right now ..

    I'm thinking what i did all these time is that only one party is willing ??

    Or everyone thought I'm really strong enough to handle all the things I'm going through?

    Or the way I express myself is not enough to tell you about the difficulty of my current
    circumstances ?

    Where are you and you when I need both of you.. ?

    I'm really downhearted sometime ..

    I don't know that should I take it not to be so important?

    I'm not really that important to you and you ...

    I hate lies ! Did you lied to me? [yes]

    [p/s: Emo-ing these days .. do you and you know? I need someone to care me ... I'm not superman or anything thing else .. I'm just a weak human]

    Wednesday, July 15, 2009 7:53 PM
    I'm no longer the happy wenglee ~

    2:58 PM
    I'm so worry !

    My mind are now full with worries !

    Can I leave this situation?

    I hope I can live is peace and less problems but not as a messy life as what I going through now !

    I can hardly breath . its tiring . torturing . suffocating .

    Worries and stresses pull me down and takes away my motivation to do anything ... I just want to sleep...Keep my mind out of these ...

    But .. its a FACT ... I couldn't change anything ..

    Wishing . Hoping . Everything can pass smoothly.

    [p/s: I love you, mum]

    Sunday, July 12, 2009 7:57 PM
    Hello ! These is the pictures i had miss up to upload for last posts XD ... So here is it ~ Enjoy ~

    ----------Play With HongKa's New SLR Camera----------
    This one is quite new ~ He just bought it coz its needed for his course !

    Me & HongKa

    Aren't it looks professional?

    Don't wanna let the cam go !

    Alex's Jumping Style

    SS with HK's SLR Cam

    Bite you !

    Heeee ~~

    Bad Boy ! hmph !

    Enjoying my choco-top

    My enjoying face !

    Chatting with "Ah Ma"

    ----------Eldest Sister's Birthday----------
    I bought some cheese tart for her !! heee ~

    My eldest sister ! She cook for us !

    My Dad~ He's shy to being my model .. LOL

    My mum ^^

    I love them ~

    Birthday cake

    He's not shy ! He likes to pretend !

    Ready for cake cutting ceremony ...

    with her's hubby !

    Mushroom soup ~

    Its nice !

    The Chicken Chop .. Ahaha

    She's giving my mum a kiss ~

    One for her too ~^^"

    ----------Another Night----------
    feels like singing so i sing ! xD (actually i feels like to sing all the time... lolx)

    Sing K at Yocent's house !

    Yocent singing ...

    Hongka sing too ~

    ----------Cousin's wedding dinner----------
    Its during my holiday ~ Yeap is that holiday i went to penang !

    On the way going there ~

    Awesome parking skill ! xD

    Nice decoration ...

    Only for guest ! Its cute !

    Eldest brother. Elder sister. Mum

    Elder brother with his gf

    Dad and youngest brother

    They are not kissing ! See carefully !

    Sing a song for the couple ^^

    ----------At PizzaHut----------
    Actually just to take my lunch and i asked sue come go out with me before she go back her uni

    Sue takes all my random emotions ><

    They got spied by us ! Err its actually Sue !

    Sue said they got some special relation LOL !

    Again ! more emotions!

    My turn to take her pic ! New pen design?

    Sue said this pic is nice ~

    ----------One day at Utar----------
    Did mention last few post !


    Me and Veeiean ~

    Still want to pose while driving !

    Being a Utarian for few hours ~ Its at Utar compound !

    Err this is some weird phenomena ... think so?

    ----------The End---------