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    Yean Ying
    Saturday, July 26, 2008 1:22 AM
    She is my good friend i hav mentioned on last post ... because of my description abt her is less then Hongka's so I had been FORCE by her to write this post ... so do not believe anything abt her tat i talk below ...

    She is a vry beautiful gurl ... so since I knew her she is our class flower until now ... she nt onli pretty but also a clever gurl ... she got a good result everytime she take exam ... she is also patiant n linear to all our fren ... we lik her so much ...

    I m vry sry r yean ying!! i find no point to write ad ... n i dowan to LIE ppl liao!! so pls forgive me!!

    Continue of Friends..
    Friday, July 11, 2008 9:40 PM
    Besides of my best fren, got also good fren lar ...
    Hongka is de guy who i kno de most ... something funny happen between us..really!!we did nt kno each other very much when sch day ... even we saw each other everyday also nt as good as u all think..but after sch..i mean after we guaduate ... we kno each other more well n now he bcome my good fren ... we hav same "hobbie" ... that is we lik to eat supper ... hahaha..that is de way i kno more abt him n through everytime we meet up he kno more abt me n bcome better n better..When he going to MMU ... i really feel sad bcoz no ppl go supper wif me ad T_T n he feel tis too ... hahaha ...but now its ok ad ... even we less gather but we still contact each other by msn ...

    Yeanying in most of my fren she is de special 1 ... bcoz our relation is really really fantactic ... I knew her , my bro knew her bro n my mum kno her mum also but, my dad dono her dad ... haha ... that is all fate ... it make us togather n bcome fren ... n it lead us to know each other ... from a stranger to a fren, then from a fren bcome a good fren ... i lik to mix wif her coz she is sampat(joking) ... for sure i m also sampat style 1 ... so when i stay wif her i feel happy ... we will hav alot of fun ... even we "shot" each other ... but that is onli a joking ... we will nt take serious to it ...

    Shiang Lynn i think we also will bcome better soon since tat day we chat until nearly 1am ... haha ...
    we nt vry like each other when secondary sch but life its really wonderful ... since after tat day our opinion changed in a short time ... we shared our experience n opinion n finally we break off de bad image in our brain ... soon ... if still got chance i hope i can kno much more abt u ...

    For sure i also cant forget my x-classmate ...
    when think back de time we r still in same class i also will smile of it ... its a good memory for me ... lik we fight Pn. Subamah, imitate Mr. Liew, chatting togather, n also sampat togather ... that all memories i also cant forget abt it de ... thx u all make my life colourful ... wei sheng , tao hui , pei syin , hui poo , peng sheng , woei jye , wan yee , bee yee , siok shan n lynn , choy ping , rocket , jian hao n so on ...

    12:12 AM
    Friends to me is an important roll in my life..
    I dono wat to say..jus i kno i can kno u all is fate n i feel vry lucky to kno u all too..
    From de time i born until now..Yin Shia u is my best fren that i knew for de longest time...
    Dono y i jus think we will not hav big problem between us..
    everything comes vry smooth...we less quarrel n had many good memories between us..
    mayb start from secondary sch we r nt same class ad so less meet then less problem..
    but i appreciate de time we passed togather...

    For sue n shyan is also my best friend start from secondary sch...
    For this relation..i think i pay de most on it..to keep our relation is nt ez..
    coz we r (can count as always) quarrel...mayb we r nt mature yet n always quarrel wif a silly reason..
    but i kno we quarrel coz we care abt each other..
    n everytime we quarrel..we get better n better..n our bond get stronger..
    sometime she cant really giv me n shyan a safety feeling..we would feels that she is nt care abt us..bcoz she got alot of fren..so that is always a point we always quarrel n we quarrel wif her de most..n she giv a me a "da xiao jie" feel since last time but she changed now n become better ad..
    We r less gather out since she got a bf..when that time she hav tis bf we had quarrel for a long time..bcoz of *some reason(i kno she kno sue kno)* we cant meet up to gather for a quite long time..but now is ok ad..jus bcoz of tis, compared to sue n her, i m better wif sue now..but its nt a big problem for us..she is still my best fren n i love them..

    For my frens,
    No matter how hard u try to recover a relation, ther is always a wound after hurt..
    So i hope we will get better n passed our time peaceful without quarrel...
    And I think u kno wat u should do as a fren for de following time...

    For somebody who is nt cherish our frenship,
    I will make u all regrat in yo following life!! muahahaha!!!

    B a c K to S c h o o L
    Tuesday, July 1, 2008 12:09 AM
    Started my school life again...haih!
    Now i m study sixth form at Horley Methodist Teluk Intan...
    Another nightmare is came! There are many thing that i can talk abt de school...
    For example, the surrounding of de sch , the teacher there , new fren and so on...

    That is the suxx ever sch!!
    When we go there, there is no any fans in de canteen n it is far from our class... n we sure will sweat like bathing after took our breakfast..then no mood to continue our study ad... there is no anything can eat!! chinese's stall-all thing with a lot n a lot of monosodium glutamate(ajinamoto) they used it seems lik free... put as much as they can... after ate it half bottle of my water sure finish!!
    Malay's stall-As all known, they are weak in math... so sure will something wrong with de calculation for de cost of food... Nowadays, wher can still find a plate of nasi lemak with cost rm1 anf still got chicken 1?!?yar!! no wher is our sch canteen!even the malay's food is better that chinese food... but their stall is not vry clean... so it also count as fail... so there is ntg can eat at ther!!
    Phew lar!! look!!onli canteen also can talk so much ad... classroom n other place is nt mention yet!!
    Classroom is also a fantastic place ther! Our class= our hall.. sound weired?
    YESH!! our class is one of de partition of de hall!!... that is onli de one part of idiot design of the sch... my fren class is just beside de graveyard!! there is a onli stupiak class in de sch.. but that is de onli cooler classroom in that sch all..that is mayb cause by de location is too "fantastic"..

    OmG now going to 1am ad...so i going to sleep ad..
    want to kno more abt my new sch life? then must b keep in touch with my blog..
    TO BE CONTINUE . . . . . .